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24000BPH Blowing Filling Capping Combiblock BFC10-40-15

Production Capacity: 20000-24000BPH(500ml)

Control mode: Fully-auto PLC control

Type of PET blowing machine: rotary blow molding machine

Suitable Bottle: PET water bottle 0.25liter to 2liter


Benefit of FESTA BFC10-40-15 Bottle Water Combi

Blowing filling capping combiblock/combi integrates automatic PET bottle blowing, filling and capping into one machine. Compared with the traditional separate bottle blowing machine and bottling machine, it has the advantages of saving space, saving energy consumption, saving labor and so on. For the trend of high-speed development of bottled water production line, blowing filling capping combi is your best choice. At present, well-known international brands, including Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Nestlé, Danone and other well-known brands, have taken the lead in adopting the BFC combiblock machine as the first choice.

24000BPH Blowing Filling Capping Combiblock BFC10-40-15 3

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