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BCP-1G 5 Gallon Bottle Blowing Machine

Production Capacity: 200-300 bottles per hour

Degree of Automation: Semi-automatic

Control Mode: Microcomputer control

Suitable Bottle: 3 gallon, 5 gallon bottle

Benefit of FESTA BCP-1G 5 Gallon Bottle Blowing Equipment

If you are a factory that produces 5 gallon bottled water, have you noticed that the price of buying 5 gallon empty bottles is getting higher and higher? Because the volume of the empty bottle is too large, the sea freight is also very high. So you can consider buying our BCP-1G 5-gallon bottle blowing machine, which can greatly reduce the transportation cost and use cost of purchasing empty bottles. If your business is booming, you can earn back the money you invested in bottle blowing machines in less than half a year.

bcp 1g 5 gallon bottle blowing machine 2

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