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Sugar Melting Machine for Beverage Processing Plant

Advantage of FESTA Sugar Melting Machine

Staggered flow filtration – Minimizing energy consumption.

The staggered flow filter helps to minimize the dissolution time and temperature of the sugar material, thus saving energy. Smaller crystals can pass through the staggered flow filter and be completely dissolved.

Brix Control – Maintain stable Brix levels.

Combining precise density measurement with fast flow metering, the Bailey sugar level can be maintained at a stable control. It is easy to obtain different Bailey’s sugar level requirements.

Sugar melting system


The outside of the pot is packed with stainless steel polishing, and the surface is beautiful and generous. The dissolved material and cold water are placed in the pot, and steam is passed into the interlayer to achieve the purpose of heating and dissolving. The pipeline connected with the mezzanine is equipped with pressure gauge and safety valve in order to measure the pressure in the mezzanine and ensure safe production.

The sugar dissolving system is composed of material-liquid mixing pump, hot and cold cylinder, duplex filter, frame and connecting fittings. It is mainly used for the dissolution of sugar, but also for the quantitative dissolution of powdered or granular materials such as milk powder, coconut extract, starch and other instrument additives. It plays three roles of dissolving, heating (or cooling) and filtering at the same time. With high speed and efficiency, it is one of the necessary process equipment for food and beverage production.


  1. Volume: 300L~10000L series specifications
  2. Tank: mirror polishing treatment of the inner surface, roughness Ra<0.4μm
  3. The upper lid: two fans can be opened movable lid, easy to clean, inside and outside surface mirror polishing treatment (roughness Ra<0.4μm)
  4. Inside slant bottom: the bottom of the tank is 5 ° inclined, put the net material without stagnation
  5. Jacket form: full jacket (built-in spiral deflector), semi-circular coil jacket, honeycomb jacket
  6. Insulation material: filled with pearl wool, rock wool or polyurethane casting foam
  7. Surface treatment of outer shell: mirror polishing or 2B original color matte or 2B frosted surface matte treatment
  8. Stirring device: top center stirring, reducer output shaft and stirring paddle shaft using a live sleeve connection, easy to disassemble and clean
  9. Stirring speed: 10 ~ 120r/min (fixed speed); paddle form: frame, anchor, paddle type, etc.
  10. Form of legs: round tube type
  11. Equipment configuration: thermometer (digital display or dial type), liquid import and export, standby port, hot medium import and export and cold medium import and export, etc.
  12. Material: inner tank SUS304 or SUS316L; jacket and outer protection shell for SUS304
  13. Each inlet and outlet process openings and the inner tank body welding are flanged process arc transition, smooth and easy to clean without dead ends, beautiful appearance.

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