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5 Gallon Water Filling Machine Manufacturer

FESTA 5 gallon filling machine meets European and American manufacturing standards, as long as you tell me your approximate demand (5 gallon bottle with or without handle, capacity), we can customize the machine for you. The whole machine is covered with stainless steel 304 to ensure that the interior of the machine is in a clean state and that the water will not be polluted by the environment in the filling process.

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Professional 5 Gallon Water Bottling Machine Supplier.

FESTA 20 litre jar filling machine is designed to take into account the situation of different countries and regions, for recyclable 5 gallon bottle, the cleaning process can be carried out to the maximum extent possible.

Even in areas with different elevations and lower temperatures, our machines can be used normally and run automatically for a long time.


The machine has a production capacity of 100-150BPH, cheap and of good quality, so it is suitable for you to start with. Click to get free quotation and best purchasing tips


Production capacity: 250-300BPH. The whole machine adopts advanced stainless steel welding technology to ensure that there will be no water leakage in the process of use.


Production capacity: 400-450BPH. The machine has three filling valves, which has higher filling efficiency and can realize large-scale production and save energy consumption.


Production capacity: 550-600BPH. The whole machine is designed with reference to the standards of CE and ISO, with more advanced technology and good market feedback.


Production capacity: 800-900BPH. The machine has 6 filling valves, which is suitable for large-scale production plants of 5-gallon bottled water, greatly increasing market share.


Production capacity: 1100-1200BPH. The machine adopts rotary filling system, continuous feeding, filling and sealing. Complete the bottling process in one stop.

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5 Gallon Bottle De-capper

The function of the machine is automatically removes the old cap of the 5 gallon bottle to replace labor and reduce the production cost.

5 Gallon Bottle Outside Brusher

The 5 gallon outside brushing machine is used to clean the outer wall of the 5 gallon bottle, using the combination of brush and high-pressure water to ensure cleanliness.

5 gallon shrink sleeve labeling machine
5 Gallon Bottle Sleeve Labeler

In order to keep the 5 gallon bottle mouth clean and hygienic, specially designed automatic bottle mouth cap labeling machine. Easy to operate and low cost.

High Quality 5 gallon Water Bottle Filling Machine

Generally speaking, gallon filling equipment is an automated device without too much human intervention. The whole machine is made of high strength stainless steel, which is resistant to acid and alkali corrosion and does not leak. The electric meets the CE standard, and the safety index meets the ISO standard. The height of the machine can be adjusted by anchor bolts. The electrical components are integrated in the machine and do not take up additional production space.

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PET bottle filling machine manufacturers

Complete Customized 5 gallon Filling Solution

At FESTA, we can produce 5-gallon filling machines with different production capacity and filling forms, so that different customers can find the right models. As an excellent manufacturer of all kinds of automatic 20 litre jar filling machine, FESTA can tailor a variety of gallon filling equipment to meet your different needs in filling capacity, machine size, electrical configuration, delivery time and best price. Our senior engineers with decades of experience can design 5 gallon bottling machines that meet your special needs with meticulous attention to every detail. No matter which country you are in, our team will help you design solutions from scratch and eventually help you capture the 5-gallon water market.

High Quality 5 gallon Filler Material.

All 5 gallon bottling machine of FESTA are made of sanitary grade stainless steel 304with thickness not less than 2mm. The filling valve is made of 316 stainless steel, which has better corrosion resistance. In the empty bottle flushing area, due to the use of acid and alkali solution-assisted cleaning, we also use corrosion-resistant nozzles and seals. These measures can protect the equipment from corrosion. With this, even if the raw water in your factory is too hard, it will not cause harm to the machine. These filling machines are manufactured in strict accordance with the relevant standards of ISO 9001 and manufactured to the highest quality standards under the quality management system.

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5 gallon bottle water

20 Litre Jar Filling Equipment

In order to provide customers with long-term and stable operation of 5-gallon jar filling machine, our laboratory upgrades and optimizes the machine, configures the most advanced HMI and control system to meet real needs, upgrades the control program, improves the technological process, and completes the sensor layout. Innovative design of a new rack structure, save space, improve efficiency, to the satisfaction of users. At FESTA, we provide the most valuable, powerful and cost-effective solutions for the key equipment of your high-end liquid bottling plant. Over the years, we have focused on providing our elite customers with the most stringent standards and customized 20 litre jar filler. You no longer need to worry about finding a good equipment manufacturer, just give us your next order and we will give you a satisfactory answer.

5 Gallon Water Machine Factory

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The Definitive FAQ Guide for 5 Gallon Water Filling Machine

The 5 gallon bottle water filling machine is a fully automatic filling equipment for the production of 3 gallon and 5 gallon drinking water in pure water plants or mineral water plants. It is easy to operate and can be operated by only one worker. It integrates bottle disinfection, bottle flushing, bottle filling and capping. It adopts three-phase AC 380V power supply, which is widely used in all kinds of liquid bottling plant. The equipment adopts a microcomputer control system and a pneumatic control system with reliable performance, easy operation and simple maintenance. The whole process of bottle washing, filling and capping is carried out in a closed state. It can effectively prevent the secondary pollution of pure water or mineral water in the filling process, and achieve a really high degree of cleanness. it is the most ideal 5 gallon water bottling equipment in the world.

qgf 300 filling nozzle 

When we talk about a five-gallon filler, it’s not just a filler. It contains at least three functions.

First, wash the inside and outside of the used 5-gallon bottle with disinfectant and water.

Second, a high-precision filling valve is used to fill the pure water into the empty bottle according to a certain capacity.

Third, press the 5-gallon cap tightly on the mouth of the bottle.

The next time someone asks you what a five-gallon filling machine is, you can tell him that it is a 5 gallon bottle washing filling capping monoblock.

5-gallon fillers are classified by capacity, ranging from 150BPH, 300BPH, 450BPH, 600BPH, 900BPH, 1200BPH to 2000BPH (BPH means bottles per hour). Customers at different stages can always find filling machines suitable for their own factory production. With the production capacity from low to high, the structure, size, configuration and price of the 5 gallon filling machine will also go from low to high.

If the 5-gallon filling machine is classified according to the filling principle, it can be divided into traditional linear filling and rotary filling. Generally, when the production capacity is greater than 900BPH, we will recommend customers to choose rotary filling machine. The rotary filling machine has high efficiency and high speed, and can meet the needs of high-speed production.

5 gallon water production line

Here is some of our 5 gallon water filling machines parameters.






Filling heads















Air consumption





Power (kw)















The machine is divided into four parts: bottle washing, filling, electrical control and pneumatic control.

  1. Bottle washing part: (1) bottle washing transmission mechanism; (2) bottle holder; (3) potion bottle washing pump; (4) medicine water tank; (5) pure water bottle washing pump; (6) transmission chain.
  2. Filling part: (1) filling cylinder; (2) filling valve; (3) cap motor and capping device; (4) gland cylinder and capping device.
  3. Electrical part: It is composed of a microcomputer programmer and an electric control box.
  4. Pneumatic part: It is composed of cylinder, pneumatic solenoid valve and pneumatic electric control box.

This machine adopts fully automatic PLC control, and its working process is as follows: 1. Bottle washing: Bottle washing process through five stations, the first station adopts chlorine dioxide (CLO2) solution washing and disinfection, the washing time is adjustable, the first station time is 12s, the second station is 12s, the third station is 12s, the fourth station is pure water cleaning, the time can be adjusted according to different needs, and the fifth station is to remove the residual water in the washed bottles. 2. Bottle filling: The washed bottle is transported through the chain conveying mechanism and falls on the bucket supporting plate, which straightens the empty bottle, presses the filling valve, and starts filling, and the filling time can be adjusted according to the flow rate of the filling pump. 3. Bottle capping. When the filling is finished, the bottle drive mechanism sends the 5 gallon bottleto the capping machine, and when the 5 gallon bottle with the cap is transferred to the capping machine, the capping chain presses the cap tightly, so that a 5 gallon bottle washing filling and capping cycle is completed.

5 gallon bottled water filling machine integrates the functions of washing, filling and capping to realize the automatic operation of the whole process, which is suitable for the production of 5-gallon bottled pure water and mineral water. If you need to change the size of the bottle, the machine can be compatible with different types of 5-gallon bottles, easy to change, simple and fast. The filling method adopts a new type of mechanical filling, which makes the filling speed faster and more stable. This machine adopts advanced programmable controller (PLC) to control the automatic operation of the machine, and the bottle feeding chain adopts frequency converter to regulate speed, which cooperates with the host frequency converter to make the bottle feeding operation more stable and reliable. Photoelectric detection of the operating status of various components, so a high degree of automation, easy to operate. Bottle washing uses 5 independently controlled high-pressure nozzle cleaning system, disinfectant recycling, flushing liquid circulation discharge has a variety of options. Select international well-known brands of pneumatic components to make the whole machine safer and lower failure rate. The automatic cap sorter of high frequency vibration is adopted to solve the problems existing in centrifugal cap sorter completely. The use of plug-in independent control filling system, filling stable and fast. The whole machine is made of high-quality stainless steel (Cr18Ni9Ti) and SUS-304, with advanced design, smooth operation, compact structure, simple operation and accurate positioning, which is the best choice for the production of five-gallon drinking water.

qgf 600 5 gallon filler cap sorter

We usually use stainless steel 304 to make the entire 5-gallon filling machine, because stainless steel 304 is enough to resist conventional acid and alkali corrosion. At the same time, it can also meet the hygiene requirements of the filling factory. If there are special ingredients in the water source where the customer is located, we can use higher grade steel, such as SUS316 or even titanium alloy, as required. Everything we do is for customers to buy satisfactory products.

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As a supplier of water and beverage filling lines, FESTA has provided hundreds of production lines for customers and has been committed to R & D and manufacturing high-quality 5-gallon filling equipment for decades. We have a wealth of experience to help you provide worry-free equipment.

When you see that the five-gallon bottled water on the market is selling well, it is in short supply every day. You also want to start producing your own 5-gallon bottle of application water. At this point, you need to purchase a 5 gallon water filling line. And the 5 gallon filling machine is the most important part of the whole production line.

So how to choose the right equipment model? It’s not that hard, actually. You need to think about the areas and cities where your five-gallon bottled water is going to be supplied, and find out how much water is consumed in advance by the total population.

For example, we have a customer who lives in a city with a population of about 2 million, and then learns through various sources that the city consumes about 6,000 barrels of 5 gallon barreled water a day. He says his goal is to get a 30% market share, so he needs to produce 1,800 barrels of 5 gallon bottle pure water a day to sell on the market. Suppose you produce 8 hours a day, and dividing 1800 barrels by 8 hours equals a production rate of 225 bottles per hour. Then we can consider our standard model QGF-300 (production capacity of 200-300BPH).

If you want to buy a 5-gallon bottle filling machine, use this simple method to determine production capacity, then your needs are very clear.

The 5 gallon water filling machine is different from the 5-gallon water dispenser, it is the core equipment for industrial production of pure water, so when you need to get the price of the machine, first determine the capacity you need. Our standard models have a capacity of 150BPH, 300BPH, 450BPH, 600BPH, 900BPH, 1200BPH, up to 2000BPH (we customized this model for Nestlé 5 gallons of water). Tell us the capacity you need so that we can give you an accurate quotation. Depending on configuration and production capacity, the price range is from several thousands dollars to hundreds thousands dollars.
If you are really not sure about the production capacity you need, you can also tell us your approximate budget, and we can recommend the most suitable model according to your budget.

The bottle washing part is as important as the filling part.

During the hot alkali liquid washing process, hot alkali liquid is heated to 65 ℃, cleaning effect inside the barrel is improved, eliminated remains on inner barrel wall and improved sterilization effect; utilizing nozzle of small angle and large flow (elevation type), multi-pole centrifugal pump enhances pressure to ensure washing effect;

Sterilization liquid washing spot utilizes also nozzle of small angle and large flow (elevation type), multi-pole centrifugal pump enhances pressure to ensure washing effect;

All water pumps equip pressure relief pipelines to protect water pumps and adjust production flow;

Water tank is equipped with liquid level control, control device of temperature controlling alarm and high level overflow pipelines. Inner washing machine is equipped with preparation interface at hot parts, clients can add a hot alkali steam treatment system to outlet high temperature hot alkali steam, improve precision of electronic control; light is equipped inside the machine to make it convenient observing washing situation and maintaining;

Inner blow heads utilize specialized nozzles of small angle and large flow to ensure complete washing of barrel inner wall;

All outlet pipelines utilize centralized directed outlet, ensure cleaning room floor dry and clean;

1200BPH 5 gallon washing machine 4



Stainless steel structure


Decelerating machine

Famous brand


Water pump



Pneumatic components


top parts for filling machine

Through pneumatic components, the brushes and nozzles are cleaned deep inside the 5-gallon barrel to achieve the standard level of hygiene.

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