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TB-150 Shrink Sleeve Labeling Machine

Production Capacity: 5000-9000 bottles per hour

Operation Model: Fully-auto sleeve labeler with shrink sleeve tunnel

Label Material: PVC label

Suitable Container: PET bottle, Glass bottle, Tin can, Plastic soda can

Benefit of FESTA TB-150 Shrink Labeling Machine

Our TB-150 automatic shrink labeling machine adopts the latest shrink labeling technology and is equipped with high-precision touch screen, which is easy to operate and convenient to switch labels. After precise design, the labeling machine can run smoothly for a long time without worrying about stability. The machine can applicate labels to 150 bottles per minute. It has a wide range of applications and can be compatible with square bottles, round bottles, flat bottles and so on. No matter what kind of container, we can always meet your various requirements. The machine is suitable for pharmaceutical, food, medicine, bottle juice, bottle milk, carbonated beverage and so on.

TB-150 Shrink Sleeve Labeling Machine 2

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