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CGF16-16-5 Bottle Water Machine

Production Capacity: 8,000BPH

Machine Function: Automatic bottle washer filler capper

Filling Way: Hight volume water filling valve that can be cleaned by CIP

Suitable Container: Mineral water bottle 500ml, 1liter, 1.25liter

Benefit of FESTA CGF16-16-5 Bottle Water Making Machine

This is a fully upgraded bottle water making machine with a more compact structure and a smaller footprint at the same capacity than the CGF18-18-6 with the same production capacity. At the same time, it also has a filling valve with reflux function, which can be used for on-line CIP cleaning and has a wider range of applications. It can not only fill mineral water, but also a small scale juice filling machine.

CGF16-16-5 Bottle Water Machine 5

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