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China Juice Filling Machine Manufacturer

Cold filling, hot filling and aseptic filling of fruit juice. It only takes one machine to fill containers with different capacities and different juice. Send your inquiry now.

Juice hot filling machine

Juice Packing Machine Solutions That Meet Different Needs

  • We supply juice filler production capacity range from 2000BPH-36000BPH

FESTA has various types of fruit juice filling machine, such as aseptic filling systems dedicated to the production of high-end bottle juice, hot juice filling machine for general mass production, juice pouch filling machine, the most popular in African countries, and small juice filler specially developed for startup. FESTA’s mango juice filling equipment can also be configured with CIP,COP, SIP, SOP and other functions according to customer requirements to ensure that the sanitary level of the filling environment meets the food grade requirements. If you are interested in producing juice, send us an inquiry right away.

The Most Stable Fruit Juice Filling Machine.

According to many years of engineering experience, FESTA continues to innovate, optimize the process, improve the operation stability and production efficiency of the whole machine, and the single machine efficiency can reach more than 99.7%. You do not need to worry that the machine will often break down to avoid your losses. Our machines are all designed and assembled in accordance with international standards.

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The Main System of Juice Hot Filling Machine

cgf40 40 10 mineral water bottle filling machine 7
Bottle Washing System

Juice bottling machine for sale is equipped with high efficiency wear-resistant bottle water dispenser, high cleaning pressure, better cleaning effect. The stainless steel nozzle thoroughly sprays the inside and outside walls of the bottle, and the water channel design is reasonable to reduce water consumption. 304 stainless steel clip with silicone pad to protect the bottle mouth from damage.

Juice Filling System

Can fill various types of juice, tea drinks, energy drink, etc. Hot filling temperature can reach 92℃. Juice bottling machine is equipped with temperature and liquid level sensor to monitor the filling process in real time. The unique design of the filling valve system can be compatible with heat-resistant bottles and non-heat-resistant bottles, reducing the cost of customers. If customers want to fill fruit juice containing granule, it only need to configure a set of independent granule filling machine beside the juice filling system to meet the requirements. satisfaction

ESL Filling Machine for Milk and Beverage 10
Capping System

The food-grade silicone inside the capping head can protect the cap from being damaged when screwing on the bottle, and ensure the sealing of the cap to avoid contamination of bottled juice. The torque of the capping machine can be easily adjusted to suit different caps and juice bottles. Fully automatic juice filler with high precision capping system is the best choice in the market, can produce bottled juice and bottled beverage products efficiently, safely and stably, without your worries.

Juice Filling Machine by Production Capacity

CGF8-8-3 Mineral Water Bottling Machine 4

Small juice filling machine, can produce 1,500-2,000 bottles per hour


5000BPH PET Bottle Fruit Juice 3 in 1  Hot Filling Machine

CGF18-18-6 Drinking Water Bottling Equipment 4

Production capacity: 5,000-6,000BPH. Middle size juice filler

CGF24-24-8 Mineral Water Bottling Machine

Production capacity: 7,000-8,000BPH, hot juice bottle filling machine

cgf40 40 10 mineral water bottle filling machine 4

9,000-10,000BPH production speed, can suitable for various bottle sizes

cgf40 40 10 mineral water bottle filling machine 5

Production speed: 13,000-14,000BPH, best selling model for juice factory

ESL Filling Machine for Milk and Beverage 9

Production capacity: 15,000-16,000BPH, adopt Germany filling technology

ESL Filling Machine for Milk and Beverage 12

Machine capacity: 18,000-20,000BPH, adopt Germany filling technology

ESL Filling Machine for Milk and Beverage 5

Filling capacity: 24,000-26,000BPH, super high speed hot juice packing machine

Different Juice Filling Temperature

36000bph aseptic combi
Aseptic Juice Cold Filling Machine

Advanced aseptic cold filling technology can be used in the product without adding preservatives

ESL Filling Machine for Milk and Beverage 2
Middle Temperature Juice Filler

Using ultra-clean medium temperature filling technology, filling effect is good, the cost is lower than aseptic filling machine

CKGF24-14-24-8 granule juice filling machine 2
Hot Juice Filling Equipment

The most widely used hot filling technology, low cost, high efficiency, it’s the first choice of most customers

We provide complete juice filling line

Juice Bottling factory – Fruite juice bottling line for processing and bottling juice into bottles.

We manufacture juice bottling machine, juice precessing plant, juice bottle blow molding machine, shrink sleeve labeling machine and film shrink wrapping machine with turn-key project.

juice bottling line machine

You can choose different configurations.

FESTA is one of the few factories in China with all the juice filling technology, such as hot filling, medium temperature filling and aseptic filling. You can choose the right machine according to your budget and needs. If you want your juice product not to add any preservatives, and to maximize nutrients and maintain the best taste, you can choose our aseptic juice filling machine. If you want to be more cost-effective, you can choose hot juice filler. Please consult us for details.

Juice Packaging Machine Auxiliary Device.

FESTA provides a series of solutions for juice packing machine to save you costs. You can customize various configurations, such as remote control module, filling form, safety door form, bottle cap disinfection form, motor brand, PLC brand, cylinder brand, etc., to meet your special needs. In FESTA, you can always find the most satisfactory answer.

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Professional Supplier of Juice Filling Equipment

FESTA has been focused on producing juice filling machine for 30 years. We have developed dozens of juice filling machine for sale. According to the machine structure, we can be divided into two categories: juice bottle washing filling capping 3 in1 monoblock and stand-alone juice filler, so that the different needs of different customers can be met. The bottled juice produced by FESTA high quality filling juice machine has a long shelf life and is deeply loved by customers. Because we only use the highest quality parts to produce our machines. FESTA’s machine can be used to fill mango juice, fruit juice, orange juice, litchi juice, etc. All kinds of juice can be produced stably under the condition of meeting the requirements of sanitary conditions and shelf life. Therefore, our machines are not only efficient, but also more stable.

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Juice Filling Machine: The Ultimate Purchasing Guide

orange juice filling equipment

Juice filling machine is an important equipment in food processing industry, used to fill freshly squeezed juice or blended juice into glass bottles, plastic bottles or Can. It has the advantages of high efficiency, simple operation, hygiene and safety. Juice filling machine usually consists of several main parts, including filling tank, capping heads, filling valve, washing system, etc. The filling valve is the part used to fill the juice into the bottle, and the capping head is used to seal the bottle mouth to prevent the juice from leaking. filling tank is used to adjust the speed and flow rate of filling, and the washing system is used to clean the filling machine and bottles. The working principle of the juice filling machine is to fill the juice into the bottle by gravity. First the bottle enters the filling machine and then the juice is filled into the bottle by opening the filling valve. During the filling process, the filling machine automatically adjusts the speed to ensure that the bottles are filled evenly. Afterwards, the capping head seals the bottle opening to ensure that the juice does not leak. The juice filling machine can be used for different types of juices, such as orange juice, grape juice, apple juice, etc. Different juices require different filling parameters, such as pressure, temperature, flow rate, etc. Therefore, juice filling machines are usually equipped with control panels with adjustable parameters.

CKGF24-14-24-8 granule juice filling machine 2

In terms of working principle, the juice filling 3-in-1 machine is a machine that combines three functions of bottle washing, hot filling and capping. It is mainly used to fill various types of juice, beverage and other liquid products.

First is the automatic bottle washing function. The empty bottles produced through the PET bottle blowing machine need to be thoroughly washed before entering the filling system.

Next is the filling system. Filling system is the core part of juice hot filling 3-in-1 machine, which consists of juice storage tank, filling valve, filling tube, juice pump and so on. Juice storage tank is used to store juice, juice pump is used to transfer juice to filling valve, filling valve is used to control juice flow, and filling line is used to transfer juice to the bottle.

Finally, there is the capping system, which includes independent cap feeder, cap sorter and automatic capping machine.

In a word, the working principle of juice hot filling 3-in-1 machine is to complete the whole process of juice bottling through the three systems of bottle washing, filling and capping working in concert.

Juice hot filling machine: Filling temperature is usually 85-92 degrees Celsius, which can effectively kill microorganisms in the juice. Combined with inverted bottle sterilization conveyor and spray sterilizer, it can extend the shelf life of fruit juice, which usually can reach 9 to 12 months shelf life.

Juice medium temperature ultra clean filling machine: filling temperature at 60-65 degrees Celsius, can choose non-heat-resistant PET bottles, reduce costs and greatly reduce the impact of high temperature on the flavor and taste of juice.

Juice aseptic cold filling machine: the juice is filled at room temperature and needs to be UHT sterilized and cooled before filling, which has minimal impact on flavor and taste and can achieve a standard shelf life without adding preservatives.

Our automatic juice filling machines range in capacity from 2000BPH to 36000BPH, which can meet the needs of most juice producers. Bottle sizes from 250ml to 2L are compatible. Whether you have a glass bottle, PET bottle or Can, we have a complete range of models available. With the smallest machine priced at $15,000, it takes very little investment to start your juice beverage production business.

After the order is set up we will set up a project team to handle your order exclusively. We will first communicate with you about the bottle type, capacity requirements and evaluate your factory situation for machine design and manufacturing. We will use the best quality stainless steel material as the main material of the juice filling machine, and use international famous brand components to manufacture your machine. During the order execution process, we will report the production progress regularly so that you can have an idea of the status of your machine. After completing the machine production, we need you to send us bottle and cap samples for factory test run to ensure that the juice filling machine you receive is stable and reliable. We can also provide shipping service to help you transport the machine to your country. When you receive the machine, we can also arrange for an engineer to come to your factory for installation and training instruction until your works fully master the use and maintenance work of the machine. We are committed to providing our customers with our experience to help them succeed.

As a China juice filling machine exporter and manufacturer, we are proud to say that we always think about our customers and help juice producers to reduce cost and increase productivity. With 30 years of experience in the beverage bottling industry, our senior engineers not only provide efficient filling systems, but also turnkey projects for our customers, including juice beverage formulation guidance, plant layout design, market analysis and forecast, and juice filling line whole plant engineering.

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