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900BPH 5 Gallon Water Filler QGF-900

Production Capacity: 800-900 bottles per hour

Electric component: AirTac, Festo, etc

Control mode: Fully automatic micro computer control

Suitable Bottle: 5 gallon round bottle and 5 gallon handle bottle.

Advantage of FESTA QGF-900 5 Gallon Bottle Filler Equipment

QGF-900 already belongs to the relatively medium and high speed 5-gallon bottled water filling machine. If you choose FESTA, we will provide a full range of technology, services and engineering support to ensure that you stay ahead of the market. At the same time, we will also provide other related equipment, including but not limited to de-capping machine, 5-gallon external brush barrel machine, bottle mouth labeling machine and so on. We offer 5-gallon turnkey project, so feel free to give it to us for your next project.

qgf 900 5 gallon water filler

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