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BCP-2S Semi-auto Two Cavities PET Blowing Machine

Production Capacity: 500-1000 bottles per hour

Degree of Automation: Semi-auto

Main Material: High quality carbon steel

Suitable Bottle: PET bottle, 200ml-2000ml

Benefit of FESTA BCP-2S Semi-auto Blow Molding Machine

When you need a cheap, but enough good quality bottle making machine, then our BCP-2S two-cavity bottle blowing machine can meet your needs. It can produce two bottles at a time. Preform heating tunnel adopts continuous heating technology, which is more efficient and more energy-saving. If you want to start producing your own PET bottles, send us an inquiry now.

bcp 2s semi auto two cavities pet blowing machine 2


  • Using advanced single chip microcomputer control system, the performance is stable.
  • The integral casting frame improves the strength and stability of the machine.
  • The use of infrared lamp heating, strong penetration, bottle blank rotation heating, track uniform heating, fast and reliable.
  • In the heating tube, the width and height of the baffle can be adjusted to adapt to the heating of bottle preforms with different structures, and there is an automatic exhaust device to ensure the stability and stability of heating.
  • Each mechanical action has a safe self-locking device, and when a process fails, the program will automatically switch to a safe state.
  • Each action is driven by cylinder, no oil pump is used, no pollution and low noise.

bcp 2s semi auto two cavities pet blowing machine

Data Sheet

Machine Model

BCP-2S Semi-auto Bottle Blower

Production Capacity


Suitable Container


Bottle mold

2 cavities

Mold opening stroke


Clamping force


HP air pressure

3.0 MPa


380v 50Hz

Main Motor Power

14 kw

Blowing Machine Dimensions


Preform Heat Tunnel Dimensions





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