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PET Bottle Blower Machine of 5liter FD-5L4

Production capacity: 2500-3000BPH

Machine control: PLC control

Number of mold cavity: Four

PET Bottle size: One gallon, 4liter and 5liter

Benefit of FESTA FD-5L4 5liter PET Bottle Machine

If customers need a high-speed stretch blowing machine for the production of 5-liter PET bottles, then our FD-5L2 is your best choice. It can produce up to 3000 high-quality empty bottles per hour to help you win the market. We have prepared sufficient equipment parts as inventory, so we can quickly supply spare parts of the bottle blowing machine at any time.

In order to ensure that the customer technical personnel can correctly grasp the performance, operation and maintenance procedures of the equipment, in addition to the normal installation site technical training, we can also hold all kinds of professional training in the FESTA factory, which will help users to master the technology faster and more comprehensively.

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