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10000BPH Glass Bottle Granule Juice Filling Machine

  • Production Capacity: 8000-10000 bottles per hour
  • Main Material: SUS 304
  • Granule Size / Fruit Chunk Size: ≤10×10×10mm
  • Suitable Bottle: 250ml, 300ml, 500ml

Benefit of FESTA CKGF24-14-24-8 Granule Juice Bottle Filling Machine

We use double filling technology, granule and juice liquid are filled by two independent filling machines, the size of fruit pieces can reach up to 10×10×10mm the filling volume of fruit chunks and juice can be controlled separately with high filling accuracy. This machine is suitable for filling fruit juice chunks in glass bottles with aluminum screw cap.

CKGF24-14-24-8 granule juice filling machine 5


  1. Juice granule filling machine is mainly used for packing granule juice in glass bottles. The machine adopts 4-in-1 monoblock machine of bottle washing, granule filling, juice filling and aluminum capping.
  2. The fruit granule filling part adopts plunger valve filling technology, with high filling precision and filling speed, while not destroying the original shape of the fruit chunks.
  3. The fruit juice filling machine adopts high flow liquid filling valve for higher filling efficiency, while with cleaning circuit to avoid sanitary dead ends. The juice bottle filling machine can also be equipped with optional temperature control module to meet the process requirements of juice hot filling.
  4. The main machine is equipped with linear cap sterilizer and automatic cap feeder as standard.
  5. Sensors are arranged inside the machine for monitoring the machine operation status. PLC and frequency converter are used to control the automatic operation of the whole machine.
  6. Manual operate panel is equipped as standard, which is convenient for machine debugging and maintenance operation.

Data Sheet

Machine Model


Machine Capacity


Suitable Bottle

Glass bottle

Diameter: 54-110mm

Height: 178-320mm

Number of Washing Nozzles


Number of Granule Filling Nozzles


Number of Juice Filling Nozzles


Number of Capping Heads



380v 50Hz

Main Motor Power

3.5 kw






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