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5 Gallon Bottle External Washer RWST-1

The machine has compact structure

High efficiency and stable reliability

High degree of automation.

Advantage of FESTA 5 Gallon Bottle External Washer RWST-1

RWST-1 automatic bottle external brushing machine is one of the important parts of 5 gallon water filling line. In daily life, the surface of the used 5 gallon empty bottle is often covered with all kinds of stains, which is difficult to remove. The use of traditional cleaning solution can not effectively remove stubborn stains, it is difficult to meet the sanitary standards of re-production. In order to solve the pain points of customers, FESTA have developed an online 5 gallon bottle external brushing and washing machine, which is equipped with three sets of high toughness brushes and flushed with high pressure water, which perfectly solves the problem of incomplete cleaning of the outer surface of 5 gallon bottles. This machine is made of stainless steel 304 and also easy cleaning and corrosion resistance.

5 gallon bottle external washer with decapper

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