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BCGF24-24-8 Glass Bottle Juice Filling Machine

Production Capacity: 8000-10000BPH(based on 300ml)

Main Material: SUS 304

Filling Temperature: Hot filling and room temperature filling

Suitable Bottle: glass bottle

FESTA BCGF24-24-8 glass bottle juice filler

The glass bottle juice filling machine adopts hot filling technology, which has high filling efficiency and the machine speed can reach 10000BPH. It can be compatible with both juice filling and normal temperature purified water filling production.

Glass bottle juice filling machine



High efficiency and speed: This machine utilizes advanced technology and an automatic control system, enabling continuous and rapid filling, thus improving production speed,

Accurate filling: The equipment can control the flow rate and filling volume of the liquid, ensuring each bottle is filled to the same level, thereby guaranteeing product quality.

Versatility: The machine can adapt to different shapes and sizes of glass bottles and can be used to fill various liquid products, not just beverages, but also mineral water, fruit juices, and more.

Energy-saving and environmentally friendly: It employs advanced technology to conserve energy and uses environmentally friendly materials, aligning with modern corporate development philosophies.

Simple operation and maintenance: Operating this machine is straightforward and does not require extensive training. Additionally, its simple structure makes maintenance easy, reducing the risk of faults and downtime, thereby enhancing production line stability.

Data Sheet

Machine Model


Machine Capacity


Suitable Bottle

Glass bottle with aluminum screw cap

Number of Washing Nozzles


Number of Juice Filling Nozzles


Number of Capping Heads


Air source

0.35m³/min  0.8Mpa

Washing water consumption

200kg/hour(bottle washing & cap washing)


380v 50Hz(Voltage can be customized)

Main Motor Power

5.5 kw


LWH: 2360*1760*2230mm



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