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Automatic 5 Gallon Bottle Decapper(BG-1)

This is a fully automatic bottle de-capping machine for the first process of a fully automatic 5 gallon filling line. Recycled 5-gallon bottles usually have a old bottle cap, which is not conducive to re-production. So we need our BG-1 de-capping machine. The machine uses a pull head, the production capacity can reach 600BPH. The whole machine structure is made of 304 stainless steel.

Description of FESTA BG-1 Decapper

The used 5-gallon bottle is sent into the de-capping machine through the conveyor belt, the sensor detects the entry of the bottle, sends a signal to the PLC, the PLC sends a command, the de-capping cylinder and the bottle body handle cylinder start at the same time, and let de-capping head grab the cap and let the cap leave the bottle, and lift the barrel under the instruction of PLC. After the cap is removed, the cap is opened by removing the cap. At this time, the aspirator works and the cap is put into the collector.

automatic 5 gallon bottle decapper innner part(bg 1)

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