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Fully-Auto 300BPH Barral Water Filling Line

  • All steel materials are stainless steel 304
  • Fully automatic production of the entire line, no manual intervention required
  • Customized machines according to customer requirements, compatible with bottles of different specifications
  • Production Capacity: 300 bottles per hour
  • Clean recycling bottles thoroughly without sanitary blind spots

Complete Solution For 5 Gallon Mineral Water Production Line

FESTA is China’s leading water beverage filling line factory. Our 5-gallon filling line equipment can be used for cleaning, water filling, and capping of 18.9L, 20L, and 5-gallon containers. The entire production line is manufactured under the EU CE certification standards, with stable operation and high safety.

300BPH 20L water bottling line

Main Equipment of 300BPH 20L Water Bottle Filling Line

Reverse Osmosis Water Purification Unit

The source water cannot be filled directly and needs to be purified by the water filtration unit before drinking. A reverse osmosis water filtration system plus ultraviolet sterilization is usually used to meet drinking water standards. Reverse osmosis devices generally consist of water softeners, quartz sand filters, activated carbon filters, precision filters and reverse osmosis membrane filters.

The fully automatic de-capper is mainly used in the first step of the 5-gallon filling line. After the sensor detects the empty bottle, the pneumatic chuck automatically pulls off the bottle cap, and blows the removed cap into the collection box through the mouthpiece, removing it. The empty bottles with caps are sent to the next process via a conveyor belt. The whole process does not require manual intervention, greatly improving production efficiency.

Recycled bottles usually have dust and stains on the surface and need to be automatically cleaned by our fully automatic outside brusher machine. WST-1 is equipped with 3 sets of high-speed rotating brushes and is equipped with high-pressure cleaning nozzles, which can clean the entire surface of the bottle 360°, remove dirt, and restore the transparent luster of the bottle. After cleaning is completed, it is sent to the QGF-300 filling machine through the conveyor belt.

QGF-300 is our company’s best-selling 5-gallon mineral water filling equipment, and its production capacity is 300 bottles per hour. The bottle is sent to the entrance of the machine through the conveyor belt. After receiving the bottle, the machine makes the bottle mouth downward, and continuously flushes and disinfects the inside of the bottle through multiple rounds of high-pressure nozzles, so that the inside of the bottle reaches hygienic standards (disinfection can be used according to customer process requirements) Liquid flushing, acid and alkali fluid flushing, RO water flushing, etc.). After flushing, high-speed filling is automatically performed, and the capping process is automatically completed after filling.

5-gallon water is easily contaminated with dust during long-distance transportation. You can use a fully automatic bottle sleeve labeling machine to protect the bottle mouth with shrink film after filling to avoid bottle mouth contamination.

5 Gallon 20L Washer Filler Capper Process

Bottle Inner Rinsing

Empty 5-gallon bottles require multiple rounds of high-pressure cleaning inside the machine. They can be rinsed alternately with acid and alkali solutions and RO water to meet disinfection requirements.

QGF-300 filling machine 4
QGF-300 5 gallon water bottle filling machine 5

5 Gallon Gravity Filling

5-gallon water bottles usually use high-flow gravity filling, and the filling time can be set through the touch screen. The 300BPH 5-gallon filling machine is equipped with two automatic filling valves, with fast filling speed and continuous production.

Pressing Capping

5 gallon bottle water usually use pressing caps, which is low cost and has good sealing performance. After filling, the 5-gallon bottle is sent to the next process through conveyor. During the process, the bottle mouth is automatically hung with a bottle cap, and the cap is automatically pressed tightly by the slope chain, and the capping process is fully automatically completed.

QGF-300 filling machine 3

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FESTA 300BPH 5 Gallon Water Filling Line for Sale

For companies that are trying to produce 5-gallon/20L large bottles of drinking water for the first time, the 300BPH production capacity is the best choice. Our machine can produce continuously 24 hours a day, which means it can produce 7,200 pieces per day, which is already a good production capacity. Our 5-gallon water production line adopts European technology, and the electrical and mechanical configurations comply with EU CE and ISO standards. Product performance and stability are in a leading position.

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