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Blow Molding Machine for 5liter PET Bottle FD-5L2

Machine production capacity: 1200-1500BPH

Machine action control: Servo control

Number of mold cavity: Two

Bottle size: 5liter PET bottle, 4liter PET bottle, One gallon PET bottle

Benefit of FESTA FD-5L2 Blow Moulding Equipment for 5liter PET Bottle

When you need to produce 5liter or one gallon PET bottles, consider our fully automatic linear stretch blow molding machine. It can produce up to 1500 bottles per hour, greatly improving your productivity. The shape of the bottle is beautiful, the mold closing line is shallow, the PET material is evenly distributed on the surface of the bottle, and the color will not turn white. The process parameters of blow products can be adjusted with one click on the touch screen, and we can also assist you in setting the parameters remotely.

Blow Molding Machine for 5liter PET Bottle FD-5L2 4

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