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PET Jar Blow Molding Machine FD-2J130

Blowing machine output: 1500-2000 bottles per hour

Machine action control: Servo displacement

Machine material: High quality steel

PET Jar bottle parameter: 150ml-2liter

Benefit of FESTA PET Jar Bottle Making Machine FD-2J130

  • Adopt advanced microcomputer control system with stable performance.
  • The use of ruby infrared lamp heating, strong penetration, bottle preform rotation heating, track rotation, heating uniform, fast and reliable; the lamp tube and reflector plate width and height in the heating area can be adjusted to suit the heating of bottle blanks with different structures, and there is an automatic temperature discharge device to ensure the constant temperature of the baking channel.
  • Every mechanical action has a safety self-locking device, and when a process fails, the program will automatically switch to a safe state.
  • Each action is driven by cylinder without oil pump, which has the advantages of no pollution and low noise, and adopts high pressure and hyperbolic arm connecting rod clamping, which has strong clamping force.
  • Customers can choose the injection molding machine to connect the bottle blowing machine directly according to their own needs.

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