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Festa water bottling machine is used to fill different water such as drinking water, mineral water , still water etc. These different kinds of water which makes the water bottling machine the right equipment for the water bottling plant. The automatic water bottling machine speed is up to 36,000 bottles per hour. The process of water bottling machine is include empty bottling rinsing, water filling and bottle capping. Water bottling process always going at room temperature. Water bottling machine always include a cap elevator system, and with or without cap sterilization tunnel according to clients’ requirement. Water bottling machines are usually applied in drinking water plant, mineral water plant and still water plant for daily drinking purposes, or home cooking processes, etc. Bottle water with a water bottling machine is very easy and economical for starting a water bottling business.

Festa XGF8-8-3 Automatic Water Bottling Machine is specialized for bottle water producing, suitable for PET bottle, round and square.. XGF8-8-3 water bottling machine is automatic and electric. It can produce bottle water 2,000 to 2,500 bottles per hour. And this full automatic water bottling machine is an idea solution for you to start a bottling plant. More details and price, we can send the quote of bottle water machine to you.

Festa XGF18-18-6 Automatic Water Bottling Machine is one type of liquid bottling equipment, it is a new model of bottled water machine, specialized in producing bottled drinking water and mineral water. XGF water bottling machine is automatic and electric. It can produce PET bottled water 6,000-8,000 bottles per hour. And water bottling machine are full automatic with good performance. More details and price of water bottling machine, we can send the quote of bottle water machine to you.

Festa XGF24-24-8 Automatic Bottle Machine is bigger than model XGF18-18-6 mineral water bottling machine, It can produce 10,000-12,000 bottles per hour. And water bottling equipment is fully automatic with stable performance. More details, get the quote and video today.

Festa XGF32-32-8 water bottling equipment is high speed and full automatic, it produces 13,000-15,000 bottles per hour. The machine is quality an easy to operate

Festa XGF40-40-10 automatic high speed water bottling machine is high efficient and high production capacity, all the machines parts use top brands. You can operate the machine easily.

XGFH40-40-12 Auto Water Bottling Equipment is high speed type bottle water machine, which can produce 300BPM based on 500ml water bottle. And can suitable from 300ml-1500ml bottle also. The machine include bottle rinsing filling and capping.

XGFL8-8-3 4L-15L Automatic Water Bottling Machine can produce large container PET bottle water from 4litre to 15liter bottle. It is automatic with a PLC control system, 30+ years experience of automatic bottling machine manufacturer supply XGFL8-8-3 for you.

one gallon water bottle rotary type filling machine 4

XGFL16-16-5 Water Bottling Machine

Festa XGFL16-16-5 Automatic Bottle Water Machine is high quality and automatic, can produce mineral water, drinking water and still water. And Festa XFGL16-16-5 water bottle filling machine is automatic, just controlled by PLC control system.

Festa TXGF-900 5 Gallon Water Bottling Machine is equipped with Siemens PLC control system, Airtac cylinder, etc. Adopts famous brand electrical parts, such as Schneider to ensure the good quality of the machine. The 5 gallon water bottling machine price is reasonable and with high quality.

5 gallon filling machine

Rotary Type 5 Gallon Water Bottling Machine

Festa Rotary Type 5 Gallon Water Bottling Machine can produce 5 gallon bottle water automatically. And Festa Rotary Type 5 Gallon Water Bottling Equipment is controlled by Siemens PLC control system, click to get more info and detail.

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Automatic Water Bottling Machine

FESTA automatic water bottling machine, is also called fully automatic bottle water filling machine or fully auto water bottling equipment. FESTA automatic water bottling machine is one of the most advanced and customer-oriented automatic bottling machine types for the middle and large bottle water production plant. If you need the price of automatic water bottling machine, contact us and we’ll send you the quotation.There are automatic water bottling machine for mineral water, full automatic drinking water bottle filling machine, large container automatic water bottling machine (bottle size from one gallon to 15liter), high speed flow meter type fully automatic water bottling machine, mechanical type automatic water bottling equipment, glass bottle water bottling machine, CAN water bottling machine, Ozone free water bottling machine, etc. FESTA is an automatic water bottling machine manufacturer, with more than 30 years experience team in this industry. Our processing technology, aftersales service, and production capability make us the top automatic water bottling machine supplier in China. FESTA automatic water bottling machine supplies fully automatic bottle water plant and high speed complete water bottling plant for various water types, bottle sizes, and packaging formats. Each automatic water bottling machine can be customized according to your requirement. FESTA automatic water bottling machine adopt European technology to serve all our clients.

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Automatic Water Bottling Machine: Ultimate Guide

What is automatic water bottling machine?

Automatic water bottling machine is modern equipment that is used for producing bottled water. Compared with the semi-auto type, this machine is easier and more convenient to operate and maintain. These auto water bottling machine can save cost for bottle water producers since it is fully automatic and has high performance when producing bottle water. Simple structure design, low break down rate.

In addition, with the development of automation, in order to save manpower and cost, many people choose automatic instead of semi-automatic water bottling machines.

There are two kinds of automatic water bottling machines: rotary automatic water bottling equipment and linear water bottling machine. Both types can help make bottled water, reduce labor and increase productivity.

32-32-8 water filling machine photo 1
Types of automatic water bottling machine?

1、Automatic small water bottling machine

The small water bottling machine is used to produce PET bottle water at a low speed. It is suitable for customers to start a business with low water bottling machine price.

Fully automatic small water bottling machine allows investors start bottle water plant at a low investment. FESTA small water bottling machine is highly efficient, and costs less. It can produce from 330ml bottle water, 500ml bottle water, to 2000ml bottle water.

2、Automatic high speed water bottling machine

The structure of the high speed water bottling machine is specially designed, which can not only meet the speed requirements of the production line, but also save space and labor costs.

The fully automatic high speed water bottling machine cost is not that expensive, if you want to NO.1 in the whole bottle water market, then it is an ideal solution for you.

3、Automatic large container water bottling machine

Automatic large container water bottling machine is specially designed for big bottle. The PET material big bottle volume is from one gallon to 15litre, which can be used for home cooking purpose.

4、Automatic 5 gallon water bottling machine

5 gallon water bottling machine can produce 5 gallon water and barrel water. It is use fully automatic rinsing filling and capping system to produce high quality 5 gallon bottle water.

5、Automatic glass bottle water bottling machine

Glass bottle water bottling machine is high efficiency for glass bottle water. It comes in fully automatic type. When customers want to produce high end bottle water, then FESTA glass bottle water bottling machine is the best choice. Which can help produce glass bottle mineral water and glass bottle sparkling water.

Hot Selling Automatic Water Bottling Machine Technical Parameter


Rinsing heads

Filling heads

Capping heads

Production Capacity

Machine Power



















































How automatic water bottling machine work?

Different types of water bottling machines have different functions. The automatic PET water bottling equipment does not function the same way as the Glass bottle type.

And the fully automatic bottle water machine and the semi-automatic water bottling equipment also function differently.

The empty bottle is transferred to the inside of the water bottling machine through the air conveyor system, and first enters the bottle rinsing machine through the star wheel. The empty bottle rinsing machine flips the empty bottle 180 °downward to wash the inner and outer walls of the bottles.

After rinsing process, empty bottle is transferred to the filling machine through the star wheel for continuous filling, and the filling liquid level is controlled by the air back pipe to ensure the accuracy.

After filling process, the bottle is transferred to the capping machine by the star wheel, and the capping machine automatically grabs the cap and carries out the capping function.

The whole process runs continuously through PLC and pneumatic control to ensure production efficiency, safety and health.

After the bottle is filled and capped, the filled bottle leaves the filling machine through the outter conveyor belt, and the whole process runs automatically without human intervention.

18-18-6 water bottling machine works

Advantages:  Fully automatic production of bottled water, high production efficiency, saving energy consumption, small water bottling machine size and low loss rate

The filling liquid level is accurate to reduce the waste of water resources. The capping effect is good, there will be no leakage on the bottle neck, and the top pressure meets the requirements. The bottle body has less scratches, less deformation and is more beautiful.

So, you have to know how these types of automatic water bottling machine functions before purchasing the equipment for your business.

The Output. This is a major difference. The fully automatic water bottling machine has a higher output than semi-automatic water bottling equipment. If you are looking for a high speed production line, you should choose fully automatic type to speed up your business.

The Operation mode. The fully automatic water bottling machines use PLC control mode and touch screen. The whole operation of this machine can be controlled by a computer, so it is very convenient to operate and maintain. In addition, some automatic bottling machines are also equipped with remote debugging system, which provides convenience for operators.

It can automatically detect faults, upgrade the system and PLC programs.  On the other hand, the production of semi-automatic water bottling equipment will be completed by manual operation.

The Production specification. Fully automatic water bottling plant has more flexible to produce different volume of bottle water.

Employment. For fully automatic water bottling plant, only four or five people are needed. This can help save a lot of money. Semi-automatic water bottling plant needs to operate manually. Also, the filled bottle and package need to be transported by eight to nine workers.

Where to Buy Automatic Water Bottling Machine-Choose Reliable Automatic Bottling Machine Manufacturer.

It’s not easy to find a good automatic water bottling machine manufacturer, and you cannot just buy machine from your local distributors. Unstable machines are easy to buy from companies that make shoddy machines.

Reputable companies like FESTA are one of the best automatic water bottling machine manufacturers.

The company has a professional engineering team with 30 years’ experience in this industry. They manufacture water bottling equipment, including water treatment plant, mineral water filling machine, small water bottling machine, 5 gallon water bottling machine.

FESTA has various types of bottling machine: fully automatic water bottling machine, rotary type water bottling machine, linear type water bottling machine, 19 litre water bottling machine, purified water bottling machine.

FESTA has two factories with 85,000 sq.ft, including bottling machine production workshop, raw material processing workshop, CNC finishing workshop, water bottling machine assembly workshop, and experimental research center.

FESTA factory has different kinds of precision processing machine tools and advanced inspection and testing equipment. The company can finish various bottling machinery and packaging equipment. Be assured that this company will deliver high quality water bottling machine with fast delivery. This is undoubtedly the best place to buy an automatic water bottling machine.

Advantages of Buying Automatic Water Bottling Machine from FESTA?
top parts for filling machine

FESTA automatic water bottling machine has the advantages of low cost (using ABB motor and FESTO cylinder), high efficiency, simple operation, easy maintenance, long service life, etc.

FESTA automatic water bottling machine adopts stainless steel welding structure, which has the advantages of compact structure, longer service life and convenient installation and maintenance compared with other design on the market.

The filling valve of FESTA automatic water bottling machine adopts chromium plated crystal grinding technology, which not only improves the strength of the valve body, but also improves the filling accuracy. Most importantly, compared with other water bottling equipment on the market, Festa machinery has reasonable price, higher quality and more stringent testing process.


FESTA automatic water bottling machine has undergone extremely rigorous inspection and testing before sale. The automatic water bottling machine produced by FESTA company not only meets the national product implementation standard, but also passed the ISO9001-2000 international quality system certification.

FESTA offers

  • 30 Years of Experience engineering team for Automatic Water Bottling Machine
  • Full Support on Installation & Training
  • International& Top quality brand Spare Parts
  • Ship to Globally by FOB Or CIF
  • Long life After-Sale Service Support
  • Top Quality with Low Price

Each Festa automatic water bottling machine has to undergo strict quality inspection and continuous operation testing before leaving the factory to ensure that there are no quality problems when you receive the products and create value for your business.

Standard Steel

Our water bottling machine is made of food-grade stainless steel to ensure strong product structure and hygiene.  This means that your bottled water will not be contaminated by the inferior materials used by the machine, because our machine provides you with quality protection.


Filling machine motor adopts China’s top motor brand, other high-end equipment can be customized according to customer requirements ABB motor and Siemens PLC control system. Pneumatic components are made of Festo or Airtac, with good quality and long service life.

High Speed Filling Valve

In general, filling valves can be used for 8-10 years through chromium-plated crystal grinding technology.  However, many domestic manufacturers do not have the special handling capacity of the filling valve, which makes the filling valve easy to be damaged, resulting in poor filling accuracy and slow filling speed.  FESTA filling valve uses chrome-plated crystal grinding technology, high-precision CNC, and high-quality food-grade stainless steel 316L. FESTA filling valve has a long service life and only needs to replace the sealing ring regularly.

Various Bottle Sizes

Each of our water bottling machines supports a variety of bottle types. They can produce bottled water of different volume, from 330ml, 500ml, 1 liter to 2 liters, customers only need to buy changeover parts.

Bottling Equipment Parts

We not only provide our customers high-quality water bottling machines, but you can also get various kinds of wearing parts. You can also get life long after-sales service.

Mitsubishi or Siemens Control System

Fully automatic electrical control system ensures the safe operation of your workers, and can realize the automatic operation of the whole machine without manual intervention, which greatly reduces the production cost.

Delivery Time of FESTA Machinery

Small scale automatic water bottling machine need 20 working days. Middle production capacity automatic water bottling machine need 35 working days. High speed automatic water bottling equipment need 55 working days.

Festa Machinery has shipped more than 300 water bottling machines to our customers. We are famous for timely delivery, high quality products and fast after-sales service.

In order to ensure safety, we well-packed and delivery each FESTA automatic filling machine. In addition, we will let every customer know the status of the machines in the shipping process.

FESTA invites every client for supervision and also guidance. As well as we are looking forward to having the benefit of offering you in the future.

Service of FESTA Machinery

FESTA Packaging Machinery will certainly be at your service 24/7. We supply solutions from factory layout designing, equipment installation, operation training, maintenance guidance, siting to budget planning, etc.

Our DHL partner guarantees you timely delivery of wearing parts, spare parts, and other accessories. In all, you have the full support from FESTA Packaging Machinery.

Automatic Water Bottling Machine Price.

The fully automatic water bottling machine price is higher than that of the semi-automatic water bottling equipment. Automatic water bottling machine cost differ in configuration. For example, the fully automatic water bottling machine price cost with its high production capacity, and will help clients produce more bottle water per hour. If you are looking for water bottling machine price, leave your inquiry now to contact our professional team.

How to choose the ideal model of automatic bottling machine for your water bottling plant?

Degree of Autonomy

Just like other types of bottling equipment, automatic water bottling machines have various quantities of autonomy. There is the semi-automatic and full automatic. The semi-automatic needs more labor cost than the fully automatic. So, before you deciding on the one to buy, you should consider how much autonomy you want your machine to have so that it can economically meet your production needs.

Small Production Capacity vs. Big Production Capacity

While purchasing water bottling machine, you have to consider the quantity of bottle water that you want to produce to meet your needs. For example, if the machine is meant to produce bottle water and serve your nearby area only, a small to medium scale is what you need. However, if your aim is to sell the bottle water for more cities, your business will be successful if you use a big production capacity automatic water bottling machine.

Quality of the Machine

No matter the size and production capacity of the water bottling machine that wish to buy, the quality of the machine is an important thing to look out for. It is important to consider the technology used to manufacture the bottling machine as well as the electrical parts quality of the water bottling machine.

A great automatic water bottling making machine is one which is designed and created to endure amount of time you spend during production while consistently producing your bottle water efficiently.

The Type and Variety of Bottle Water a Machine Can Produce

Bottled water comes in different shapes and volumes. The most common bottled water on the market are 500 ml, 1 liter, 1.5 liters and 2 liters. These kinds of bottled water can be produced on the same water bottling machine. Other products with a volume of more than 2 liters, such as one gallon, 5 liters and 10 liters of bottled water, need to choose another model machine. Given this particularly wide range of bottle types, it is important to consider the bottle type of bottled water you want to produce because it enables a machine to produce bottled water of different specifications that you want to produce. Other factors you should consider include the simplicity of equipment maintenance, the purchasing of spare parts, and the water bottling machine price.

 Automatic Water Bottling Machine Production Capacity

The amount of bottled water that an automatic water bottling machine can produce per hour depends on the type and model of the machine, as well as the size of the bottle it is filling.

For example, FESTA’s XGF8-8-3 automatic water bottling machine can produce 3,000 bottles of 500ml bottled water per hour.

Definite Buying Guide for Automatic Water Bottling Equipment.

Machine parts details

Machine parts are something you should keep an eye out for when getting an automatic water bottling equipment. Technical information such as electrical and pneumatically-driven component parts, are extremely vital if the supplier is to run in its complete possibility as well as last for long.

These machine parts need to be produced by dependable makers due to they can provide stable performance.

The stainless steel

It is very important to check out the steel that was used to produce the machines since it will establish the life expectancy as well as of the equipment you are buying. Festa machines are very robust and also durable to produce clean bottle water

The filling system

The filling accuracy of the filling system guarantees that you can generate the very same liquid level of mineral water and also make sure the security and also hygiene of bottled water to the best degree. Exceptional filling system can save water usage

Bottle capping unit

Bottled water can just be sold on the market if it is perfectly capped by the capping system. It is the heart of the machine. Therefore, capping unit is extremely crucial in mineral water manufacturing.

What are the elements of automatic water bottling machine?

Empty bottle air conveyor

Air conveyer is a kind of fast and accurate conveying equipment for PET empty bottles to be regularly transported to the destination along the predetermined track under the drive of air at a certain pressure and speed. Air conveyor is widely used in empty bottle transportation in bottle water and beverage industry, with fast conveying speed and high efficiency, which can meet the needs of high-speed filling machine, less damage to bottle body, long conveying line, flexible and diverse layout, horizontal conveying, uphill conveying and turning conveying, as well as vertical transportation. it occupies a small area and can make full use of the factory building with simple space structure, high reliability and convenient maintenance.

Bottle rinsing machine

The rotary disc of the bottle rinsing machine is equipped with a bottle gripper, which holds the bottle mouth and flips 180 °along a guide rail to make the bottle mouth downward. In the specific area of the bottle rinsing machine, the nozzle on the bottle clip ejects flushing water to flush the inner wall of the bottle. After the bottle is washed and drained, the bottle is clamped and then turned 180 °along the guide rail to make the mouth of the bottle upward. The cleaned bottle is exported by the bottle rinsing machine through the middle star wheel and transferred to the filling machine.

bottle rinsing machine

Bottle filling machine

The bottle entering the filling machine is kept by the bottle neck bracket stuck at the mouth of the bottle. The bottle realizes the rising contact filling valve under the action of the lifting rod driven by the cam. After the filling valve is opened, the filling is started, and the gravity filling is adopted. The filling is stopped automatically when the liquid level reaches the height of the return pipe. After the filling is finished, the lifting rod drops under the action of the cam to make the bottle full of water leave the filling valve, and the bottle enters the capping machine through the transition star wheel.

water filling machine

Bottle capping machine

The anti-rotate knife on the capping machine gets stuck at the bottle neck to keep the bottle upright and prevent rotation.

The capping head revolution and rotation on the capping machine, and the catch cap, put cap, capping and out actions are realized under the action of the cam, and the whole capping process is completed. The filled bottle is transferred from the capping machine to the bottle conveyer through the star wheel, and the water bottling machine is sent out by the conveying chain to enter the next process.


Filled bottle conveyor

The filled bottle conveyor is the equipment which transports the bottled water after filling and capping to the next process safely and smoothly, which is composed of the conveyor belt and the conveying motor. It is an indispensable part of water bottling line.

PLC Control system

The machine adopts PLC electrical control system, and its main function is to control all processes. Advanced fault diagnosis devices will automatically find and correct every error.

Cap loading and sorting machine

First of all, the cap makes use of the imbalance of the cap weight to lift the qualified cap, and the unqualified cap falls and then lifts until it meets the lifting condition, so the cap that will be straightened out can be directly poured into the lid slot, and the equipment will straighten out the qualified cap into the conveyor belt directly through the cap conveyor belt. The cap release device attaches the straightened cap directly to the top of the bottle moving with the conveyor belt, and then uses the positioning device to position the lid, that is, to complete the process of capping and capping, and the whole cap sorter process does not require human intervention.

How to do daily maintenance of water bottling machine?

The most important thing of electrical maintenance of water bottling machine is daily maintenance.

Check before power on. Check whether there is something wrong with the power supply of the water bottling equipment before turning on the machine every day, and check whether the insulation outside the power supply is damaged or if a thread has fallen out, and make sure that these places are all. After there is no problem, start running the equipment, which is not only for the maintenance of the bottling machine, but also for the safety of the operator.

Check the motor every day. It is said that it is not necessary to take it apart for maintenance every day, but also to ask the operator to pay more attention to whether there is noise or poor flow when the motor is running. When the situation arises, if there is any, stop working and start troubleshooting, and then start to work after the final failure. Lubricate the motor every once in a while, if you work every day.

Pay attention to whether the filling machine has abnormal vibration, sound, etc. If you hear an abnormal sound in the course of work, or if you find that there is an abnormal vibration in the water bottling machine, you should stop working immediately and dye the technician to deal with it, if you don’t deal with it in time. may cause irreversible damage to the equipment.

Review at the end of work. Before getting off work every day, turn off the power supply and unplug the plug to ensure that the machine is clean and the electricity is normal, so that it is convenient to go to work the next day for simple review, which does not affect the progress of work.


Hopefully, this guide has been of great aid to you. After reading this, we make certain you can confidently pick the most effective automatic water bottling equipment and also the most effective producer to get yours.
If you require further information on this overview, You can constantly contact us, as well as we will certainly rejoice to be helpful. You can call us anytime. We are available 24/7.

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