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QGF-1200 5 Gallon Water Filling Machine 1200BPH

Production Capacity: 1000-1200 bottles per hour

Electric component: SMC, SEW, etc

Control mode: Siemens Automation PLC control

Suitable Bottle: 5 gallon bottle, 20 litre jar bottle.

Advantage of FESTA QGF-1200 5 Gallon Water Filler Equipment

FESTA QGF-1200 5 gallon water rotary filling machine adopts pressure filling. When the product enters the liquid tank, it is conveyed to the filling valve via pipe. Each filling valve has backflow pipe to ensure that the filling pressure is stable, so as to make sure that filling is smooth in any conditions. Filling valve is controlled by cam and filling process is stable.

qgf 1200 20 litre jar filling machine

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