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XGFD8-8-3 One Gallon Bottle Filler

Production Capacity: 800BPH(one gallon), 500BPH(8 Liter)

Machine Function: Gallon bottle rinser filler capper 3 in 1

Main Material: SUS304 food grade

Suitable Bottle: One gallon, four liter bottle, eight liter bottle

Benefit of FESTA XGFD8-8-3 One Gallon Bottle Filler

When you produce one gallon bottle pure water, you have two options, one is a linear type filler and the other is the rotary filler. The XGFD8-8-3 is our smallest rotary one-gallon bottle filling system. Compared with the linear filling machine, it occupies less space, reduces energy consumption and has high production efficiency. Compatible bottles can hold up to 12 liters. You no longer need to worry about frequent bottle sizes changes, our machine supports quick bottle size change in 20 minutes. Greatly improve your production efficiency.

xgfd8 8 3 one gallon bottle filler 6

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