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5 Gallon Water Filler QGF-150

This is a small 5-gallon filling machine customized by us according to European standards, it can fill up to 180 bottles per hour

  • Stable operation
  • High efficiency
  • Low price to start with

The Advantage of FESTA QGF-150 5 Gallon Water Filler

Our 5 gallon water filling machine not only contains the function of washing, filling and capping, but also with the automatic 5 gallon bottle loading device, which eliminates the trouble of manual bucket loading at the same time, but also reduces the labor cost, the whole machine realizes automatic integration.

QGF-150 5 gallon water filling machine 3


Model QGF-150, output 150-180 bottles per hour.  The length of this machine is 4.5 meters, there are 26 working stations in total, and 10 washing stations, including: alkali water flushing, disinfectant cleaning, circulating water cleaning, pure water cleaning, drip drying and other processes.  10 washing stations are cleaner and more hygienic. 

Our QGF-150 5 gallon filling equipment can achieve one key intelligent operation, each production step can be adjusted intelligently.    Time can be controlled intelligently, and with its own induction system, the filling machine stops washing when there is no water, and stops filling when there is no bottle.

The whole machine is made of 304 stainless steel plate.    304 stainless steel square pipe, 304 stainless steel plate, 304 stainless steel pipe fittings, 304 stainless steel valve.    Water pump, cylinder, PLC, touch screen, etc.    Voltage can be customized to 380V or 220V according to demand.

This five gallons bottle water filling machine can replace manual labor to realize mechanized production.   It can be operated independently, also can be connected to de-capper machine and bottle outside brusher machine, with simple operation, high speed and precision, and accurate positioning.

Data Sheet

Machine Model


Suitable Container

3 gallon / 5 gallon

Washing Nozzle


Filling Nozzle


Capping Head


Main Power


Air Consumption



Washing Water Consumption

Washing water:700kg/H

the disinfectant is recycle use

Filling Water Consumption

2000-3500liters per hour






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