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Canning Line and Canning Machine Manufacturer

  • Provide complete canning line for beer, CSD and juice producers
  • Canning line production capacity up to 600CPM.
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Rich Experience in Canning Line Equipment Manufacturing

FESTA company introduced and absorbed the European advanced technology and developed the 100CPM, 150CPM, 200CPM, 300CPM and 600CPM beer canning line, beverage canning line and carbonated canning machine. The most representative FDGF36-6 can filler & seamer is a new product developed by FESTA engineering team, using 36 filling valves and 6 seamer heads, which is very stable under the condition of high-speed production. The highest production capacity can reach 300CPM, and all its technical parameters are in the leading level in China.

Main Equipment of Beverage and Beer Canning Line

can de-palletizer

Can De-palletizer

can rinser

Can Rinser

beer can filler seamer

Can Filler and Seamer

can pasteurizer

Can Tunnel Pasteurizer

shrink wrapper with tray

Film Shrink Wrapper

Automatic Palletizer

Case Conveyor

can conveyor

Can Conveyor

air blow drier

Air Blow Drier

Canning Process for Beer and Beverage

The process of canning beer or canning drinks is usually done mechanically. Canning machine industry through innovation and development, canning technology has been very mature and efficient. FESTA provides several canning line machines for the beer and beverage industry, and now we will show you step by step how to filling the can from empty to full.

(1) Send the empty cans to the canning machine.

The empty cans produced by the can factory are neatly arranged layer by layer on a pallet, and the empty cans can be passed to the canning machine in two ways.

Automatic de-palletizer: For high-speed can filling systems, customers need to purchase a fully automatic de-palletizer to continuously move the empty cans from the pallets and send them to the can conveyor.

Manual de-palletizing work: If it is a medium and low-speed canning line, workers can manually place empty cans on the conveyer.

Both the carbonated beverage production line and the canning beer factory need can conveyor to deliver empty cans and connect individual machines.

(2) Can Rinsing.

It is necessary to clean the empty cans thoroughly before filling.

The Can rinser looks like a long stainless steel tunnel with a sloping arrangement, high at one end and low at the other. The conveyor belt sends the empty cans into the can rinser chute, and the cans enter the track under the action of gravity. The spiral track will turn the cans over, open down, and then rinse them thoroughly with disinfectant and aseptic water, respectively. After cleaning, the spiral track will turn the can back to the right side, open up, and move on to the next process.

(3) Can filling.

After thorough cleaning, the can transfer through a screw and enters the filling machine, and the filling head withstands the can under the action of the cam, and the produced beverage or beer is poured into each can. The production capacity per minute varies according to the can volume and the filling heads quantity. In general, more filling heads, bigger production capacity. The filling capacity can be flexibly adjusted to adapt to different volume can,250ml, 330ml, 500ml and so on. FESTA provides you with customized machines.

(4) Liquid nitrogen dosing.

Carbonated drinks and beer usually do not need this step. Fruit juices or energy drinks usually dosing liquid nitrogen into the can before sealing to vent excess air and prolong the shelf life of the product.

(5) Can Seaming.

The can filled with beer or beverage is sent to the automatic can sealing machine, which places the can lid prepared in advance one by one on the top of the can, then rotates the can at high speed and squeezes down, sewing the can lid and the can body tightly together, isolating the external air and preventing leakage.

(6) Pasteurizing

This is a kind of tunnel type large sterilization equipment. Beer and fruit juices need to be pasteurized after filling to prolong shelf life. After filling, carbonated drinks need to go into the warm bottle machine to quickly heat up to the ambient temperature, which helps to improve the packaging effect.

(7) Remove excess moisture from the outside of the can.

As the can moves along the conveyor belt, it is bound to produce some condensed water, and the can is fed into the air blow drier to remove excess water from the surface to help improve the labeling effect.

(8) Liquid level detection and elimination.

Check whether the filling liquid level reaches the set value, and if some can is not fully filled (low liquid level), test the equipment and remove the tank from the conveyor belt.

(9) Print the shelf life.

During the production process, global food and beverage regulations require cans to print production dates and expiration dates.

(10) Can packaging.

Packaged canning beer and canning beverage will be sent to shopping malls, supermarkets, cinemas and other places through logistics. Beer can and beverage can usually have three forms of packaging:

  • Film shrink wrapping: this is usually suitable for small packages, such as 4, 6 and 8 bottles.
  • Carton packaging: there are usually 24 bottles and 48 bottles.
  • Film packaging with bottom tray: 24 bottles of common things in this form.

(11) Palletizing.

If it is a high-speed canning line, manual palletizing can no longer meet the requirements, then a fully automatic palletizer system is needed to optimize the efficiency of the production line. The palletizer puts the packaged can layer by layer neatly, and the forklift truck can load the whole stack products at one time, which greatly provides the efficiency.

Tips: Most canning machines actually measure their output in terms of CPM or “canning per minute”.

Customer Videos of Our Canning Lines

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FESTA Canning Line for Sale

As an environmentally friendly packaging container, aluminum cans are always loved by customers in many countries. Whether it’s fill beer, fruit juices or carbonated drinks. Canning line always occupies a large share of the market. FESTA manufactures and sells all kinds of beer canning lines and beverage canning lines. Can meet the needs of different customers. Our lines and machines choose the best quality parts suppliers to process on the most sophisticated CNC equipment to ensure accuracy and reliability. We upgrade canning machine technology every year, so if you also want to purchase canning line, please send us an inquiry and our engineer team will contact you within 8 hours.

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The Definite Guide of Canning Line

can conveyor

Generally speaking, the canning line is a whole production line to pack the product into the can container, it contains a series of equipment, from empty can handling, cleaning, filling, sealing, sterilization, packaging to palletizing, we call it canning line. FESTA mainly produces canning beer lines and canning beverage lines.

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