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XGFD12-12-5 Gallon Filling Machine

Production Capacity: 1500BPH(one gallon)

Machine Function: Gallon bottle washing filling capping

Filling Way: Gravity filling valve with CIP pipeline

Suitable Container: One gallon bottle, 3 liter bottle, 5 liter bottle

Benefit of FESTA XGFD12-12-5 Gallon Filling Machine

With the increasing demand of consumers for packaged drinking water, the traditional small bottle water (500ml, 1L, 2L) have been unable to meet the growing market demand. FESTA launched the epoch-making 1500BPH gallon bottle filling machine. The machine adopts automatic rotary filling system and large caliber mechanical filling valve with high filling efficiency and fast production speed. It is perfect for all kinds of water bottling plant.

xgfd12 12 5 gallon filling machine 4

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