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CGF40-40-10 Mineral Water Bottle Filling Machine

Production Capacity: 16,000-18,000BPH

Machine Function: PET bottle rinsing filling and capping

Filling Way: High speed mineral water filling valve driven by cylinder

Suitable Container: PET bottle 250ml, 480ml, 500ml, 1liter, 2liter

Benefit of FESTA CGF40-40-10 Mineral Water Bottle Filler

The standard production capacity of the machine is to fill 18000 bottles of mineral water per hour and complete the sealing process. When it runs at full speed, it is like a money printing machine. Many powerful bottled water and beverage companies will choose our CGF40-40-10 because it is fast and stable. Whether it runs 24 hours a day or 8 hours a day, it can complete the task perfectly. Most importantly, it is durable and requires almost no maintenance.

cgf40 40 10 mineral water bottle filling machine 4

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