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MBJ-40T Film Shrink Wrapping Machine

Production Capacity: 30-40 packs per minute

Operation Model: Automatic shrink wrapper for bottles

Film Material: Shrinkable film

Suitable Container: Glass bottle pack, PET bottle pack, Soda can pack

Benefit of FESTA MBJ-40T Automatic Film Shrink Wrapper

Structure and function principle of equipment.

  • Bottle feeding: it is composed of conveyor belt and guide plate to separate the products.
  • Grouping: the product is divided into a certain number of combinations, and a linear conveyor belt grouping device is provided.
  • Cardboard feed: it is composed of cardboard storage conveyor belt and rising conveyor belt, and the cardboard will be held under the product for wrapping.
  • (flat bottom cardboard option).
  • Wrapping: uncoiling, cutting and wrapping the film on the product.
  • Thermal shrinkage: hot air tunnel heating and thermal shrinkage products; heating time 6s-10s.
  • Cooling setting: cooling with fan and natural cooling

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