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BGF18-18-6 Beer Bottle Filling Machine

Production Capacity: 2500-4000 per hour

Main Material: Food grade SUS 304

Filling Method: Isobaric filling

Suitable: Glass bottle beer filling and crown capping

Benefit of FESTA BGF18-18-6 Glass Bottle Beer Filling Monoblock

Based on advanced European technology, FESTA has developed a new generation of fully automatic beer bottle washing filling capping 3 in 1 monoblock according to the requirements of traditional glass bottle beer filling production. We not only provide beer filling machines, and also provide turnkey solutions for beer producers for the whole plant.

BPCGF18-18-6 Glass Bottle Beer Filling Machine 6


Beer bottle washing machine.

Rotary bottle washing machine adopts nylon gripper to hold the glass bottles and thoroughly clean the glass bottles by high pressure aseptic water spray on the inside and outside flush.

Beer bottle filling machine

Adopting isobaric filling principle, high filling precision, stable filling flow rate and less foam.

Glass bottle crown cap capping machine.

Fully automatic capping machine, automatic cap release, magnetic capping, precise pressure control of capping head to ensure the sealing of beer bottles after capping


  1. Mechanical beer filling valve with proven technology, efficient and stable. Each can has independent open valve, tube valve assembly and independent circuit
  2. Specially designed high pressure device for effective vacuum pumping of empty bottles
  3. The filling valve will automatically stop filling if the glass bottle breaks during the filling process
  4. High-precision level sensor is installed in the filling cylinder, which can effectively control the feeding and discharging smoothly.
  5. BGF18-18-6 adopts high performance motor and gear box to provide power for the whole machine, and the frequency converter controls the speed adjustment of the machine, which can meet the needs of different production meets.
  6. Equipped with automatic lubricating oil adding device to lubricate the bearing parts automatically, no need to add it frequently by hand.
  7. The crown cap is sent to the capping machine by the automatic cap feeder, which adopts magnetic transmission of the cap and mechanical capping.
  8. The whole machine can adjust the height of internal mechanism for adapting to different size of beer bottle filling.

Data Sheet

Machine Model


Machine Capacity


Suitable Bottle

Glass bottles;Bottle neck:Φ50-90mm;

Bottle height:150-330mm

Number of Washing Nozzle


Number of Filling Nozzle


Number of Capping Head



380v 50Hz

Main Motor Power







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