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Automatic CIP System for Water and Beverage Producers


The full name of CIP is clean-in-place, meaning the cleaning and sterilization process for sealed and fixed container will be done by the integrated reactions of heat energy, physical energy and chemical energy for a certain time. The CIP system can be used for disinfection and sterilization in food industry after the production or when the hygienic standard requests the cleaning. For example when the production line is set to be started after a certain time (weekend) of stop, the CIP station will dilute the concentrated acid or alkaline with water to produce the required detergent to clean the production line, the characteristics of CIP station are listed as below:


  1. The cleaning can be done without the disassembling of equipment or pipes.
  2. The cleaning effect is good and the safety of product can be guaranteed
  3. Operating time can be saved to increase the efficiency, and commercialprofit maximization can be achieved
  4. Quantity of labor force can be reduced, and the safety of operator can beguaranteed
  5. Cleaning water and steam can be saved


CIP Components

CIP cleaning station consists of cleaning tank, acid and alkali diaphragm pump, cleaning pipeline, heat exchanger, return liquid pump, cleaning nozzle, and various control valves


Function of CIP cleaning agent

  1. Take away the impurities on the equipment surface through the wetting and penetrating effect of the cleaning solution.
  2. Through the saponification of fat, colloidal protein and dissolved minerals, so that the equipment surface of the liquid and solid scale displacement.
  3. Through the dispersion, depolymerization and emulsification, so that the scale suspended in the cleaning solution.
  4. By effective rinsing procedure, prevent the scale from being re-deposited on the clean equipment surface.


The CIP cleaning steps can be used in the following procedures:

  1. CIP one step procedure: water – alkaline – PAA
  2. CIP three steps procedure: water – alkaline – acid – second water washing
  3. CIP five steps procedure: water – alkaline – second water washing – PAA –third water washing

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