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1. Liquid filling machine designer

Familiar with mechanical principle, able to meet the requirements of liquid filling machine according to customer’s liquid and bottle design, including water filling machine, juice filling machine, milk filling machine, carbonated beverage filling machine, wine filling machine, etc. Able to assist sales representatives, provide technical support to customers and answer technical questions.  To improve the technical problems feedback from workshop in time.

2. Welder

Ensure production safety, quality and quantity, and complete the welding production tasks assigned by the team leader on schedule. Daily maintenance of welding machine and auxiliary equipment. Clean and maintain the environment of welding machine and production area. Retrain your skills on the job. Complete other tasks assigned by team leader. At least 2 years welding experience. Familiar with welding materials of various equipment and their corresponding welding requirements, and skilled in using, Enterprising, high sense of responsibility and good professional ethics.

3. Sourcing manager

Familiar with filling machine and packaging machinery parts and materials, product processing technology, production process.  Understand the market price fluctuation of related industries and have the ability of market analysis.

4. Filling line assembly engineer

Complete the assembly of the products according to the requirements of the task sheet and condition chart, and be responsible for the quality and progress of the task.  Correctly implement the relevant procedures, safety technical specifications, standards and uniform project regulations.

5. CNC machine operator

Proficient in cutting materials with CNC machines, a strong sense of responsibility, be able to operate machines independently.

6. Sales representative

Develop and follow customers through various platforms provided by FESTA.   Communicate with customers and engineers to provide customers with the best solutions and services. Follow up the process of order production, delivery and after-sales service

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