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TB-400 Shrink Sleeve Labeler Machine

Production Capacity: 18000-24000BPH

Operation Model: Automatic sleeve labeler

Label Material: PVC shrink label

Suitable Container: Mineral water bottle, Tin can, Beer bottle, etc

Benefit of FESTA 24000BPH Shrink Sleeve Labeler Machine TB-400

High-speed labeling machine always has a kind of charm, it can play an important role in the whole filling line. Our TB-400 is such a fully automatic high-speed labeling machine. It has a production capacity of 24000 bottles per hour and completes the work of labeling and shrinking at a speed indistinguishable to the naked eye. Even if it runs continuously for 24 hours, it can be competent, and the machine can fully meet the production needs of high-speed water filling line through configuration and structure optimization. If you are also looking for such a labeling machine, please leave your inquiry now.

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