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Water Bottling Plant and Machines Supplier

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Turnkey Solution for Bottle Water Manufacturing Factory

Bottled water as the most economically valuable commodity in the world, more and more entrepreneurs begin to invest in this industry. The production of mineral water, pure water, drinking water and carbonated water can be achieved by setting up a water bottling plant.

FESTA, as the world’s leading bottling factory manufacturer, can provide you with a full range of automation equipment, plant planning, equipment installation, staff training and other services. Our team will help you start from scratch until you produce your own bottled water.

The main equipment of water bottling plant

Water Treatment & Purification System

Before the water is filled into the empty bottle, the raw water needs to be filtered and sterilized by the water treatment system to meet the relevant standards in order to be safe in production. Bottled drinking water can be classified into two categories, mineral water and pure water, which require different water treatment processes. The water treatment equipment for the production of mineral water uses Ultrafiltration technology to filter out the impurities and harmful substances in the water and retain the beneficial minerals in the raw water to the maximum extent, so the mineral water will have a special taste. The preparation of purified water requires Reverse Osmosis membrane filtration technology to reduce TDS and electrical conductivity to the range of international standards, so pure water is colorless and tasteless.

Used to produce PET empty bottles for water bottling factories, there are two categories: semi-automatic bottle blowing machine and full-automatic PET blow molding machine. Automatic PET bottle blowing machine is the mainstream choice in the market at present, it saves energy consumption, improves production efficiency, and can be connected to water bottling machine through air conveyors.

At present, we can provide a series of bottle blowing equipment for you to choose, from small bottles to large bottles, from low speed to high speed, FESTA has rich experience to deal with your demand.

This is the core equipment of the whole water bottling plant, which is used to fill the bottles with purified water that meets the production requirements to meet the hygiene and safety standards. High-quality water bottling machines can continuously produce qualified bottled water and help factories to get the maximum benefit.

Machine production capacity from 2000-36000BPH available for you to choose from.

FESTA can provide PET bottle water machine, glass bottling machine, 5 gallon water bottling machine.

The function of the labeling machine is to attach the label to the bottle, and an excellent water bottle label design will bring unexpected benefits to bottled water brands, so more and more water bottling plants begin to pay attention to the design and type selection of labels.

For bottled water factories, there are usually three types of labels to choose from: PVC shrink sleeve label, self-adhesive label, and OPP hot melt gule label. These three labels require three different labeling machines, so before choosing, you can refer to the mainstream products in the market for evaluation.

Individual bottled water is not suitable for long-distance transportation and storage, so bottled water needs to be packed according to a certain format. At present, the mainstream are PE shrink film packaging and carton packaging, corresponding to two different packaging machineries. Most water bottling plants will choose PE shrink film packaging machine because the cost of packaging material (PE film) is relatively low. A small number of high-end positioning of bottled water or glass bottle water will choose carton packaging machine.

The transmission of PET empty bottles usually adopts air conveyor, which is efficient and fast. The air conveyor can connect the fully automatic bottle blowing machine and the water bottling machine, or connect the bottle unscrambler and the water bottling machine. Reduce the manual handling workload and reduce the use area of the warehouse.

Buffering Conveyor for Bottle Water

After completing the water bottling work, buffering conveyor is needed to connect all the downstream packaging equipment, such as labeling machine, packaging machine, inkjet printer, palletizer, etc.

The layout of buffering conveyor is designed according to the actual situation of the customer factory, and the reasonable design of buffering conveyor can improve the efficiency of the whole production line.

Water Bottling Process

There are three main steps in the water bottling process, and if you produce carbonated water, you need to buy an additional CO2 mixer/ Carbonation Mixer.


Empty bottle rinsing plays an extremely important role in the whole water bottling process, because dirty bottles will contain dust and impurities, if you use such bottles to produce bottled water, it will be a disaster. FESTA uses high-quality stainless steel and sanitary nozzles with corrosion resistance and strong stability. Clean and disinfect the empty bottles continuously in the production process to ensure the hygienic level of bottled water.

cgf40 40 10 mineral water bottle filling machine 7
CGF40-40-10 Mineral Water Bottle Filling Machine 9


Under the action of the filling valve, the cleaned bottle fills a certain amount of water into the bottle. By adjusting the parameters of the machine and replacing some parts, the filling volume can be changed and the compatibility of the machine can be improved. PET bottles and glass bottles used to be the same, but because of the different materials and neck finish, different filling machines are needed. You can first focus on choosing the type of bottle, and then discuss with the supplier which filling machine to use.


This is the last step in the water bottling process, the bottle filled with water is sent to the capping machine, which screws the cap on the bottle to insulate the external air from the bottled water. After this step, a bottle of qualified bottled water is produced.

cgf40 40 10 mineral water bottle filling machine 8

Our customer cases, water bottling line turnkey projects

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FESTA Water Bottling Line for Sale

A stable and reliable water bottling production line is very important for bottling factories. No link can be ignored, so you need to find a trusted manufacturer to complete your order. FESTA has engineering experience in the whole process of water bottling plant, from plant planning, bottle design, market research, order negotiation, bottling line machine manufacturing, production line installation and commissioning, engineer training, spare parts support to after-sales service, we can give you professional feedback.

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We based in China, we are the original manufacturer of water bottling plant machines and mineral water production lines.

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The Ultimate Guide for Water Bottling Plant

mineral water bottling line

Water bottling plant is a physical factory used to produce bottled water, we also call it bottle water manufacturing factory. The official definition of “water bottling plant” is any machine and production line that produces bottled applied water. “bottled water” is defined as water stored in sealed containers in a bottling plant that is safe for human consumption. In some states of the United States, the government requires bottled water production plants to provide bottled water test reports to consumers.

drinking water bottling line

The bottled water industry is a very attractive industry, which can also create great wealth. As we all know, the richest man in China is a large group company that produces bottled mineral water. The big boss, Zhong Shanshan, is the richest man in China with assets of US $81.7 billion.

If you are going to join the bottled water industry, you need to focus on consumers. Gain insight into their needs and feel the industry trend. Although bottled water looks mediocre, it requires special attention in bottle design, label design, cultural communication and marketing.

  • What kind of water do consumers want, mineral water, pure water or sparkling water?
  • Do they like the price very much?
  • Do they want to be easy to carry or do they need a large capacity to meet their drinking needs throughout the day?

Once you have thought deeply about these questions, it shows that you have started, and then you can start looking for the process needed to build a water bottling plant.

 Water bottling factory price?

To build a factory, you first need to have an open space, on which you can build your own factory building, which can be made of steel or reinforced concrete. These costs are very low, you can contact the local construction company to get an offer. The interior of the factory building is an open form, with as few inner columns as possible, and a factory gate that can be opened and closed.

The machines needed to build a water bottling plant include.

  • Water treatment equipment and water cans.
  • Bottle blowing machine.
  • Washing and sealing all-in-one machine.
  • Bottle conveyer.
  • Labeling machine.
  • Inkjet printer.
  • Packaging machine.
  • Packaging materials: bottle preform, cap, label, shrink film, etc.
  • Production equipment: forklifts, trucks, etc.

Small-scale start-ups can consider using more manpower instead of fully automated equipment to save initial equipment investment. In countries with high labor costs, water bottling plants usually consider a fully automatic water bottling production line, with a total cost of about $200,000. With the expansion of the scale of operation, if a higher production capacity of water bottling line is needed, the cost can reach millions of US dollars or more.

In addition to the cost of the production line, you also need to consider the cost of water (well water or tap water), the cost of factory electricity, factory registration fees, sanitation permits, and packaging materials.

Is the PET bottle the only option?

Of course not, PET bottle is essentially a kind of plastic bottle, in recent years, with the increasingly stringent environmental regulations, many countries have issued a variety of “plastic ban”. PET is a bit lightweight and cheap, and discarded PET bottles can be manually recycled into other plastic products. At present, it is a form of water packaging that can not be completely replaced.

Now more and more bottled water startups are exploring other containers, such as glass bottles and aluminum cans. The bottles made of these two materials are more environmentally friendly and can be recycled. The disadvantage is that the cost of the bottle itself is high, so it is only suitable for the production of medium-and high-end bottled aquatic products. And the investment cost of glass bottle water bottling line and water canning line is much higher than PET water bottling line.

Recently, many customers who have come to consult have the idea of investing in bottled water plants, but they are not very clear about what processes and procedures are needed to run a waterworks. Today, I will briefly introduce to you some of the processes and procedures that need to be dealt with in running a waterworks.

  1. Before building a water bottling plant, we should make a good plan, make a good investment budget, and find a good source of water and factory buildings. Select the source of water (natural water, groundwater, tap water, etc.), go to the water conservancy bureau according to the source to apply for the water intake permit, and go through the formalities of land examination and approval according to the location of the factory.
  2. The water bottling factory need to apply for “production license”, “Health Certification” and “employee Health Certificate”. The products produced by the enterprise shall apply to the local Bureau of quality and Technical Supervision and submit materials for a “production license” (that is, “SC” certification, formerly known as “QS”). Staff need to go to the local health bureau to apply for a “practitioner health certificate”, one person per person.
  3. Then register the enterprise and apply for a business license. Register the company according to the actual production situation, bring the relevant materials to the local industrial and commercial bureau to apply for the business license, carve the official seal, and go to the tax bureau for tax registration.
  4. Build the factory building according to the production scale and the water source. The factory building should be built at the nearest distance of the water source. After the production scale and water source are determined, the water bottling line manufacturer can make a production line layout plan for the production workshop, and the waterworks can be decorated according to the plan to make the plant clean and spacious as far as possible. The requirements in the workshop are clean, dust-free floor, smooth drainage and no stagnant water. Mostly use aluminum alloy doors and windows.
  5. Select suitable production equipment. According to the water quality analysis report issued by professional institutions, select and purchase suitable water treatment equipment. According to the production needs of the waterworks, purchase bottle blowing machines, filling machines and packaging equipment to meet the production requirements.
  6. Establishment of a laboratory. Quality inspection is an important quality guarantee for one’s own products. The quality of the ex-factory water should be tested and tested, that is, the inspection of microbial indicators, the specific verification indicators are the total number of bacteria, E. coli and so on.

bottle water

The founder of FESTA started the R & D and manufacture of the production line of the water bottling plant in 2006, and gradually absorbed a large number of industry experts to join FESTA in the process of the development of the enterprise. Most of them have more than 30 years of manufacturing experience in bottling machines and packaging machines.

The bottled water production line, beverage filling line and beverage canning line made by FESTA sell well all over the world and have been widely praised. FESTA is committed to solving customers’ problems and helping customers achieve success. our machines and production lines have the following characteristics:

  • Mainly made of food-grade stainless steel, corrosion resistant and more hygienic.
  • The machine has the advantages of compact structure, high production efficiency and low noise, which can adapt to different production workshops.
  • The machine configuration can be customized according to the needs of customers.
  • Provide one-stop solution without customers patching together to purchase equipment, saving customers’ time and investment costs.

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