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PET Bottle Air Conveyor Manufacturer

The Structure of PET Bottle Air Conveyor

Made of 2mm stainless steel flanging and welding, the inner stainless steel guide rail clamps the lower part of the bottle mouth support ring, the bottle gets an advanced thrust under the action of the air fan, and the bottle is transferred to the next machine along the air conveyor.

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PET Bottle Air Conveyor

The PET bottle needs to be treated gently during transmission, otherwise it will lead to deformation and scratches. FESTA adopts air conveyor system to connect bottle blowing machine and bottle filling machine, which is efficient, fast, safe and stable.

Advantage of Using FESTA Air Conveyor for PET Bottles

PET bottle air conveyor

Suitable for a variety of bottle types

Round, square and flat bottles can be delivered through air conveyor as long as their sizes are within the standard range. High compatibility is the key to your success.

bottle air conveyor connect to bottle blower

Flexible Connection

With air conveyor, you can connect a fully automatic bottling machine with a fully automatic bottle dispenser or a fully automatic pet blow molding machine to form a complete set of bottle water production line. It can realize automatic production, and it is also the foundation of high-speed production line.

aseptic bottle air conveyor

High-level cleanliness requirements

FESTA can also provide aseptic PET bottle air conveyor system for ultra-clean filling lines and aseptic filling lines. It completely encloses the whole air conveyor area, isolates the external air through the HEPA system, and maintains the internal cleanliness to meet the requirements of the filling line.

air conveyor for PET bottles

Easy to install and commissioning

In the factory, we will carry out air conveyor modular prefabrication according to the customer’s production line layout, and only need to connect according to the drawings after receiving it. Modular air conveyor installation is very simple, each part is bolted and connected, there is no complex operation. Anyone can finish the work easily.

air conveyor for PET bottle

Diversified installation methods

PET bottle air conveyors can be installed on the floor (installation legs), wall hanging installation and ceiling installation. It can be flexibly adjusted according to the actual situation of the customer’s factory.

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