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  • Wide production capacity range: 2000BPH-36000BPH CSD filler.
  • Different CSD filling technology: Cold drink filling and CSD ambient filling.
  • Less energy consumption and less area needed.
dcgf32 32 8 carbonated drink filling machine bottle filler part

Stable Performance Carbonated Soft Drink(CSD) Filling Machine

Many customers have purchased CSD filler to fill their own carbonated soft drink. But the problem is that the production efficiency of their machines are less than 60%. After years of updating iterative filling process, FESTA has successfully solved the problem of low efficiency of CSD filling machine, and the whole machine can achieve 99% production efficiency.

Now it’s your time to choose the ideal carbonated bottle filling machine.

dcgf32 32 8 carbonated drink filling machine bottle capper part

DCGF12-12-6 Carbonated Beverage Filler

This is FESTA small scale CSD filling monoblock, who has 12 bottle washers, 12 filling nozzles and 6 capping heads to complete the carbonated drink bottling process automatically. It is very suitable for small and medium-sized soft drink factories.

This model of carbonated water filling machine is widely praised by users because of its excellent quality and reasonable price, helping many customers to achieve automated CSD bottling production. If you used to use semi-automatic manual filling, you can consider upgrading our fully automatic CSD filling machine now.

If your soft drink business is going well, then you need a FESTA DCGF24-24-8 fully automatic carbonated soft drink filler. The use of a new man-machine interface, compact structure, low energy consumption and stable product quality will help you increase your market share.

This is a mainstream production capacity carbonated beverage bottling equipment, for factories that want to stay ahead of their competitors in the market, it is very important to choose a high-quality bottling machine. The whole machine is manufactured to a high standard to meet customers’ pursuit of quality.

The machine can produce up to 12000 bottles of carbonated beverage per hour. Filling tank is made of thickened stainless steel. The design of filling circuit, charging circuit and exhaust circuit is reasonable, which can effectively improve the production efficiency of the high-speed production line.

For consumers, they need not only CSD in PET bottles, but also soft drink in glass bottles. In this way they can enjoy the pleasure of clinking glasses. FESTA glass carbonated bottle filling machine is specially used to produce glass bottle carbonated beverage.

The machine is used to fill CSD into can and complete sealing. Full-automatic can filler and seamer equipment, only one person can operate the whole machine. Different from the traditional separate equipment, this machine has a high degree of automation and saves space and labor.

Related Equipment of Carbonated Soft Drink Production Line

Mix the drink well with CO2, then produce soft drink.

Production Capacity: 2,000-48,000 per hour

bottle warmer machine

Warm the bottle to facilitate labeling and packaging

OPP Hot Glue Labeler

Production capacity: 5000BPH-36000BPH. Fully automatic.

BDXGF32-32-10-10 Glass Bottle Carbonated Filling Machine capper capper 3

Carbonated Soft Drink Rinser Filler Capper 3 in 1 Monoblock

Compared with the traditional separate machine, FESTA creatively integrates empty bottle rinsing, CSD filling and automatic capping into one machine. Through servo motor and gear transmission, the three functions are realized on the same machine, which can not only save the plant area, but also greatly reduce labor costs, energy consumption and water consumption.

CSD Bottle Rinsing System

If your carbonated soda drink production line does not use blower filler capper combiblock, then bottle rinser system is a very important step for the entire filling line. Under the action of stainless steel bottle washing pump, the bottle rinsing machine sprays sterile water through the nozzle to completely clean the inner and outer surface of the empty bottle, remove dust and other impurities, and ensure that the empty bottle is clean and hygienic before entering the filling machine. With more rinsing nozzles, the bottle rinsing machine will have bigger production capacity.

dcgf24 24 8 soft drink filling machine bottle rinsing part
dcgf24 24 8 soft drink filling machine bottle filler

Carbonated Bottle Filling System

The isobaric filling machine adopts a special filling valve, which is composed of a complete set of pipelines, gas lines and mechanical parts. When filling, CO2 is injected into the empty bottle to keep the pressure in the bottle the same as the pressure inside the filling tank, and then the valve opening mechanism opens the filling valve for filling. After the filling is completed, the CO2 gas is discharged first, and then the finished bottle is sent to the next process. FESTA provides not only isobaric mechanical type filling machines, but also isobaric flowmeter type filling machines. Can meet the needs of different customers.

Flexible Capping System

We can flexibly customize the automatic capping machine for customers in different countries and regions, and can support HDPE plastic cap, crown cap, aluminum screw cap, pull ring cap and so on. And the same machine can also use a twin capper system (two different cappers in the same machine), our innovation and flexibility are in the lead.


bdxgf32 32 10 10 glass bottle carbonated filling

FESTA Carbonated Beverage Bottling Equipment Working Video

Our machines have been tested by the market, stable and efficient, and help your factory succeed.

carbonated soft drinks
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Need Complete Carbonated Beverage Bottling Line?

FESTA not only provides a separate carbonated soft drink(CSD) filling system, but also a CSD turnkey project. We have rich experience to provide you with reliable solutions from A to Z. Send your inquiry now!

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The Definite Buying Guide of Carbonated Drink Filling Machine

BDXGF32-32-10-10 Glass Bottle Carbonated Filling Machine two bottles

Carbonated beverage filling is a filling form that is higher than atmospheric pressure, which can be divided into two types: one is that the pressure in filling tank is equal to the pressure in the empty bottle, and the filling depends on the self-weight of the liquid into the bottle, which is called isobaric filling; the other is that the pressure in filling tank is higher than that in the bottle, and the liquid flows into the bottle by pressure difference, and the high-speed production line adopts this method. Carbonated bottling machine is suitable for filling carbonated liquids, such as beer, soda, sparking water, champagne and so on.

csd soft drink

Carbonated drinks, also known as carbonated soda water, are soft drinks filled with carbon dioxide gas. Most carbonated drinks are made with carbonated water and syrup (using drink carbonation machine). When drinking, there are many and delicate foams, such as Coca-Cola, Pepsi customers, sparkling water, soda and so on.
The production of carbonated drinks began at the end of the 18th century, and at the beginning of the 19th century, its predecessor was natural aerated mineral water, and then with the synthesis of artificial flavors, the manufacture of liquid carbon dioxide, the invention of crown lid and the emergence of mechanized production equipment, carbonated beverages were industrialized and produced on a large scale in Europe and the United States, and quickly spread to the whole world.
Now it has become a necessity for people at the end of summer and is loved by the majority of consumers.

structure of carbonated beverage filling machine

  1. Rack and window.
  2. Main transmission assembly.
  3. Filling assembly.
  4. Bottle delivery assembly.
  5. Compressed air path system.
  6. Electrical system.
  7. Capping assembly.
  8. Bottle rinsing assembly.
  9. Cap conveyor assembly.
  10. Centralized lubrication system.
  11. Cap chute assembly.
  12. Cap sorter device.

CSD bottle filling assembly

CSD bottle filling system is mainly composed of filling tank assembly, cylinder lifting device, cam lifting device, bearing assembly, transmission assembly, filling valve and other components. In the equipment, it plays the role of filling materials into bottles; parts in contact with liquid are made of high-quality stainless steel and other special materials, which meet the requirements of food hygiene.

Filling time allocation table

Filling time allocation table








Noncutting stroke




Filling valve lift




Filling valve down












circle time




The Filling tank assembly is an important part of the filling system, which is used to store liquid temporarily before filling, and the internal pressure makes the pressure in the tank consistent with the pressure in the bottle. When working, the material flows into the filling tank through the liquid inlet pipe of the lower distributor, and the lower distributor is used for the liquid inlet and CIP liquid, and is equipped with a dynamic and static seal. The upper part is equipped with an upper distributor, which is mainly used for the entry of CO2 gas and compressed air, and there is also a static and dynamic seal inside. The filling tank upper cover is equipped with a liquid level float, a thermometer and a pressure gauge, which are used to control the liquid level, detect the material temperature and observe the pressure in the filling tank.

CSD filling tank assembly


The control ring assembly is mainly used for the switch of the filling valve during filling process, and the whole assembly is composed of a ring and several parts. Item 1 is a filling valve opening device, and when a bottle is detected, the cylinder pushes the handle to open the filling valve. Item 2 is a filling valve closing device, which is used to close the filling valve after filling is completed. Item 3 is an exhaust device, which is used to remove residual air from the bottle mouth after filling is finished. Item 4 is a cam for centering cover, which is used to control the upper and down of the centering cover.

control ring assembly


Cylinder lifting assembly: item 1 pulls down the cam assembly, and the empty station pulls the cylinder down to make the bottle leave the filling valve. Item 2 is a piston rod, its bottom is fixed on the fixing ring of item 5, and item 3 is a piston. Compressed air enters the internal cavity of the piston from the bottom of the piston rod to push the piston upward. Item 4 is a hanging bottle plate, which is stuck in the bottle entering the filling machine, and its size varies according to the diameter of the bottleneck.

cylinder lifting assembly

The core technology of carbonated beverage filling is filling valve, which is mainly divided into two categories:
(1) Mechanical filling valve.
(2) filling valve of electronic Flowmeter.
The mechanical valve is the same as the electronic valve in the technological process, in the time distribution, the mechanical valve is distributed in the form of rotation angle; the electronic filling valve control is controlled according to the time sequence, and the time to complete each process of the filling process remains the same when the rotational speed changes.

Schematic diagram of mechanical CSD filling valve:
1. Lifting seal.
2. Empty bottle pressurization.
3. Isobaric filling.
4. Pressure relief and exhaust.
5. Pull down the bottle.

csd filling valve process

The characteristics of mechanical carbonated bottle filling valve:
1.There is no other object in the filling tank except the sensor that controls the liquid level, and the disturbance to the material will be greatly reduced. The flow channel of this valve is simple and convenient for cleaning and sterilization.
2. The mechanical filling valve can open the gas and liquid channels separately, and the opening valve is an absolute constant pressure opening valve. at the same time, the change of the valve opening is relatively smooth, and the discharge is stable.
3. Unique opening and closing valve structure, not only can be opened separately (inflatable valve and hydraulic valve), but also has the function of self-locking, opening and closing valves are more reliable.
4. Suitable for filling PET bottles and glass bottles.
5. The mechanical valve is feasible for the filling of aerated beverages at room temperature.


Characteristics of CSD filling valve of electromagnetic induction Flowmeter:
1. The filling valve of electromagnetic Flowmeter is a dynamic metering method, and the filling capacity can be adjusted arbitrarily. Digital technology and full-time program pulse counting control are applied to absolutely ensure the isobaric filling conditions and the filling quality.
2.There are fast and slow filling processes in the filling process, which can effectively ensure the filling quality and accuracy.
3. It is feasible for the filling of aerated beverages at room temperature.
4. It has the function of exhaust pressure retention, which can effectively maintain the exhaust quality after filling.
5. Equipped with complete CIP circuit and control program.
6. The valve can fill carbonated drinks and fruit juice drinks containing preservatives.

flow meter csd filling valve

1. Absolute constant pressure opening valve, this is the most critical condition, and to achieve equal pressure opening valve must be achieved to open the gas, open the liquid valve independently. If the valve is opened in the case of pressure difference, it is easy to blister instantly, especially in normal temperature filling, the material temperature is higher, the backup pressure of the filling cylinder is high, and it is even more easy to blister, so the key to filling at room temperature is to open the valve at absolute equal pressure to avoid material blistering as far as possible.
2.The filling process should be smooth, the flow rate should be slow, and it is easy to foam if it is too fast.
3. To improve the exhaust quality after filling, it is better to have a return chamber to keep the pressure.
4. As few foreign bodies as possible in the filling cylinder to reduce the disturbance to the material.
5. Constant pressure and liquid level of materials in the filling tank.

Before you decide to produce carbonated drink, you first have to determine the material of your own container, PET bottle, glass bottle or tin can. The next step is to find a way to determine the container specifications, the common ones are 330ml, 500ml, 1L or even 2L. Once the material and specifications of the container are determined, the appropriate filling equipment can be selected from the FESTA model list. If you don’t know how to choose a model, you can also ask a team of FESTA experts to help you do a professional evaluation and give you the best solution.
We offer glass bottle CSD filler, PET bottle CSD filler and CSD canning machine. The production capacity from 2000BPH to 36000BPH can meet the needs of most customers.

As a high-quality Chinese carbonated beverage filling machine manufacturer, our machines can meet the certification of CE, ISO, UL and other different countries and regions. Most of the FESTA machines are fully automatic, with little manual operation and little maintenance. It can produce high production value without spending a lot of labor. In terms of installation and maintenance, operators can easily find problems, and we provide detailed operation manuals and video instructions to eliminate your concerns.

If you just need a separate CSD filler,like 12 nozzles or 24 nozzles, the price is only a few thousand dollars. If you want a fully automatic carbonated beverage filler capper monoblock, the price will range from $15000 to $300000. According to your container type, capacity requirements, configuration requirements, we can customize your machine. We can also provide higher-end and higher-speed carbonated soft drink(CSD) blower filler capper combiblock.

(1)Press the control power supply button.

(2)Manually start the equipment to run idle (first low speed, then high speed).

(3)Start each conveying system before and after the equipment, so that there is enough bottle at the end of the machine to be bottled.

(4)The operation of the equipment is transferred to automatic operation.

It is so easy to operate and reduce the labor cost of the factory.

Maintenance after daily operation:

1) Empty the medium in the pipe.

2) check whether the bottle clip (fork, pendulum rod, nozzle) is damaged.

3) If necessary, check the filling valve and exhaust pipe and readjust it.

4) Check whether the capping head is normal.

5) At the end of filling, spray the whole machine with water, remove all dirty thing, wipe the parts dry or blow dry with compressed air.

6) When cleaning, the signs of wear and crack of the machine should be checked at the same time.

7) To clean the equipment after production, it is best to refuel the exposed lubrication point after cleaning.

8) Clean up the bottles or sundries on the stage.

9) Inspect the clip for damage.

10) Check for impurities in the tank.


Weekly maintenance.

1) Check the wear and tear of the plastic parts of the bottle clip.

2) Check the transmission gear and make maintenance.

3) Check the grease or oil level of the gear and fill it up if necessary.

4) Lubricate according to the lubrication table.


Monthly maintenance.

1) Cleaning oil dirt.

2) Check the cam wear and adjust it as appropriate.

3) Check and maintain the moving parts of the equipment, adjust, repair or replace defective parts.

4) Lubricate according to the lubrication table.


Annual maintenance.

1) In addition to the above routine maintenance, it is recommended to carry out minor repairs and machine adjustment, cleaning, refueling or replacement of corresponding spare parts every six months or after each peak production season.

2) Advised to overhaul once a year, replace vulnerable parts, seals, etc.

FESTA provides you with the best carbonated beverage maker.

If you plan to look for carbonated soda filling machine in China, please contact us, we know your requirements. The stability and reliability of FESTA carbonated filler can be proved by video.

You just need to tell us your needs, and our engineers and support team will attach great importance to your opinions and give us professional solutions. From a preliminary idea to your smooth use of your own CSD filling machine, we will help you succeed together. All carbonated drink equipment have been tested before shipment, we will send you the test report and test video. Contact FESTA team to start your business and please feel free to give us your carbonated drink filling machine order.

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