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RO Water Purifier Plant Machine Manufacturer

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Reverse osmosis filtration system workflow

Different raw water quality conditions, water treatment configuration will be slightly different. For specific RO reverse osmosis water purification equipment solutions, please contact our professional engineers for group training

(1)Raw water  (2)Boost pump  (3)Quartz sand filter  (4)Activated carbon filter  (5)Water Softener 

(6)Precision filters  (7)High Pressure Pump  (8)RO water treatment equipment  (9)Product water

Main equipment technical description

Raw water booster pump

The booster pump is selected from the well-known brand CNP, which is used to enhance the pressure of raw water supply to meet the pressure and flow required for the normal operation of the subsequent water treatment equipment, perfectly solving the problem of unstable pipeline water supply pressure. Provide strong power for water treatment equipment while playing a role in protecting the equipment.

Quartz sand filter

The filter media of quartz sand filter is made of natural quartz sand, which is processed through the process of selection, crushing, washing and fine sieving. It has the advantages of uniform particle size, complete type, compression and wear resistance, high mechanical strength, stable chemical performance, good acid resistance, strong pollution interception capacity, long service life, etc. At present, it is a widely used water purification material in the water treatment industry. Quartz sand filter can remove sediment, colloid, granular matter and suspended matter in water.

Activated carbon filter

Since activated carbon has a large surface area, it has good adsorption capacity for gases, inorganic substances in solution, organic substances and colloidal particles, etc. Activated carbon filter uses this feature to achieve the purpose of water purification. Activated carbon filter can remove odor, residual chlorine, free chlorine and chloride from water.

Water softener

The principle of water softening is to exchange the calcium and magnesium ions in the raw water with the resin, so that the hardness components CA2+ and MG2 in the raw water are exchanged with NA+ in the resin, thus adsorbing CA2+ and MG2+ in the water and softening the water for the purpose of removing limescale. Water softeners can remove calcium ions, magnesium ions and scale.

Precision filters

The precision filter is mainly used for precision pretreatment of reverse osmosis system, removing the filter media and unfiltered impurities etc. leaked from the pre-treatment equipment, ensuring that the water entering the reverse osmosis purification equipment meets the requirements and serves the purpose of protecting the reverse osmosis membrane. The internal PP cotton filter element is used to remove sediment and impurities, and the filtration precision can reach 5μm.

High pressure pump

The high pressure pump is made of CNP brand with stable quality. Because the reverse osmosis membrane needs high pressure in the working process, the high pressure pump is the main equipment of the reverse osmosis system, which provides the power source for the operation of the reverse osmosis device, thus ensuring the stable water output and sufficient flow of the reverse osmosis equipment. It is usually arranged vertically, with small footprint and low operating noise.

Reverse osmosis water purification equipment

Reverse osmosis is the most sophisticated membrane liquid separation technology that blocks all dissolved salts and organic matter with molecular weights greater than 100, but allows water molecules to pass through. The desalination rate of cellulose acetate reverse osmosis membrane can generally be greater than 95%, and the reverse osmosis equipment meets the membrane desalination rate generally greater than 98%. Reverse osmosis membranes remove bacteria, colloids, organic matter and microorganisms


RO water purification equipment production capacity and model list

Equipment Model

Production capacity

























RO plant 3
ro plant 2

Other equipment for your choice

Chemical dosing machine

In the water treatment project, the dosing tank is mainly used for mixing, dissolving and storing various chemicals, and then dosing them to each dosing point through metering pump or water injector. The shape of dosing tank is divided into square and round, and the material is polyethylene (PE), which is formed in one time by rotomolding technology, and the upper part is preset with the installation position of metering pump and mixer.

UV sterilizer

UV sterilizer can kill the bacteria in the water. UVC is divided into A/B/C/D four wavelengths, with germicidal effect of the C band, which is the strongest germicidal ability of about 254nm UVC

Stainless steel water tank

Stainless steel water tanks are used to store raw water or product water. If used for storing product water, it can be connected to the ozone mixing tower via piping to ensure that microorganisms and bacteria in the water have been killed before entering the filling machine.

Ozone generator

Ozone generator produces 30g ozone per hour, ozone can quickly kill viruses, molds and fungi

Ozone mixing tower

The ozone enters the bottom of the ozone tower through the pipeline and emits micro bubbles through the empty bubbler, which fully dissolves the ozone in the water during the process of rising. Water from the top of the ozone mixing tower scattered down to ensure the mixing time, sterilization more thoroughly. Ozone tower can be used to produce pure water, mineral water, mountain water, etc.

RO Water Purifier Equipment in Water Bottling Plant

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Application Scenarios

Application scenarios

FESTA RO Water Purification Unit For Sale

Reverse osmosis (RO) water treatment is widely used in various industries to produce pure drinking water, beverages and fruit juices.

RO water purifier machine manufacturing process

RO purifier machine manufacturing process

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