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Bottle Washing Filling Capping Monoblok CXGF8-8-3

Production Capacity: 1500-3000BPH

Main Material: Food grade stainless steel 304

Filling Valve: Gravity filling

Suitable Bottle: 350ml, 600ml and 1.5L PET bottle

Advantage of FESTA CXGF8-8-3 Water Filling Monoblock

Compared with the old model, we have upgraded the appearance and internal configuration of the machine. The outer frame adopts a new folded stainless steel design, and high-strength tempered glass is used as the window seal, making the appearance more beautiful. The filling valve part adopts a side return air mechanical valve, which can control the filling liquid level more accurately. It is an idea choice for you to start bottle water production business.

Bottle Washing Filling Capping Monoblok CXGF8-8-3



CXGF8-8-3 integrates three functions of bottle washing, filling and capping. The bottles are transferred through stainless steel star wheels, which is smooth and efficient. The standard configuration of the machine is a 2-meter air conveyor, a 2-meter filled bottle conveyor and an automatic cap feeder. It is currently the highest standard machine in the industry. The electrical part adopts Siemens, Omron and Schneider as standard configuration. Pneumatic components use AirTac or SMC. The machine only needs to replace a few change parts and can support up to 2L mineral water bottles.

Data Sheet

Machine Model


Machine Capacity


Suitable Bottle

PET bottle

Diameter: 50-95mm

Height: 162-335mm

Number of Washing Nozzle


Number of Filling Nozzle


Number of Capping Head



380v 50Hz/220V 60Hz(customizable)

Main Motor Power






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