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5 Gallon Bottle Decapper and Brusher BS-1

FESTA BS-1 is mainly used for thorough cleaning of used 5 gallon bottles.
It can remove impurities in the bottle, sediment at the bottom of the bottle, algae, etc.
Equipped with de-capping device.
Suitable for 3 gallon bottles and 5 gallon bottles.
360 ° no dead angle cleaning.
The machine has simple structure and low maintenance cost.

Advantage of BS-1 5 Gallon Bottle Decapper & Brusher

Although this de-capper machine is semi-automatic, but it is stable operation, low energy consumption, the price is very cheap. Very suitable for users who were purchasing QGF-150, QGF-300 and other small scale 5 gallon water filling machine. At the initial stage of production, the machine can replace manual work with very low cost and improve production efficiency.

5 gallon bottle decapper bs 1 dimension

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