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7 Tips for how to set up a water bottling plant

COVID-19 is in a pandemic this year, and businesses in many countries are suffering a huge blow.

In addition to the unaffected sales of materials in medical-related industries, there is another product that has not been much affected—Bottled Drinking Water.

No matter when, people can not survive without water. In recent years, the quality of tap water is being affected by the environment and has become very unhealthy. PET bottled drinking water is becoming more and more popular among consumers.

So more and more investors see this business opportunity and are ready to invest a bottled water plant to meet the growing demand.

The key of a water bottling plant is to buy a complete production line, starting from water treatment system, bottle blow molding system, filling and capping system, packaging system, and the finished product in storage.

If you are ready to start this project, then I have the following tips for you:

1. Blow the bottle by yourself or buy the empty bottle from outside

You need to buy a bottle blow molding machine to blow your own bottle, and the investment will be relatively large. And to buy empty bottles, you need to buy a bottle unscrambler. If this is your first time to make bottled water, and the production capacity is not high, I suggest that you directly purchase empty bottles which can save your budget.

2.Suitable production capacity

Firstly, through market research, investigate the number of competitors, production capacity, market capacity, and then determine your own production line capacity. If you really don’t know how to determine, you can start with the 12000BPH (500ml) botted water production line. According to our market experience, most customers will choose this capacity to start their first bottled water business.

3.Bottle volume.

Find out the most mainstream bottle specifications in your market and which specification is best selling. The common specifications are 500ml, 1000ml, 1500ml, etc.

4.Tips for water filling machine

Filling machine is the core equipment of the whole production line, so don’t just focus on the low price. The quality of mechanical products is always related to the price, because every penny is worth a penny. You need to know the materials used in the filling machine, the brand of motor, the brand of electrical components, the brand of bearing, whether it provides automatic oil lubrication system, whether it provides bottle cap sterilization system, etc. Many suppliers give you low prices because they choose low-quality parts where you can’t see them, or reduce the thickness of steel plates, or use plastic instead of steel, or carbon steel instead of stainless steel. Any change will have a great impact on price.


Many customers do not pay enough attention to the label, the purchase of the label machine accuracy is not enough, or the label printing quality is very poor, finally consumers do not buy your water. Labels are like people’s clothes. They must be well designed.

6.Packaging format

Most bottled water will choose PE shrink film packaging, with automatic film Shrink machine, easy to operate and low cost. And if you want to make high-end bottled water, you’d better choose carton packaging, and the corresponding cost of packaging materials will increase a lot.

7.Water treatment system

Before purchasing the production line, you need to take the raw water to a professional company for analysis, and they will issue a water analysis report for you. This water quality report is the basis for the supplier to design and manufacture the water treatment system. The water quality is different in different regions, which will lead to a big difference in the price of the water treatment system. In addition, the factors that affect the price of water treatment are the brand of water treatment membrane and the brand of water pump. If it is a top international brand of membranes and pumps, the price is five to six times more expensive than those Chinese brand. You need to understand this when you make an inquiry.


That’s all for today. If you still have a lot of questions after reading above tips, then leave the questions to Festa. We have a professional team of engineers to design and manufacture the complete production line for you.

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