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Classification of Bottle Cap Sterilization Tunnel and Their Advantages

The bottle cap sterilization is divided into dry type (medium pressure UV, hydrogen peroxide + steam atomization) sterilization and wet type sterilization.

Our company mainly adopts wet type cap sterilization: spray type-straight line type; immersion type-aseptic cold filling (disc sterilizer-bottle cap spiral rotation, sterilization into disinfectant)

Medium temperature ultra clean filling: use wet type, spray or immersion.

Hot filling: straight line wet type.

Drinking water: straight line wet type.

Dry type-Special customer requirements.

Sterile line-immersion type

Our company mainly uses linear type bottle cap sterilization tunnel:

cap sterilization tunnel

Working principle: according to the technological process, it is divided into two areas: product water spraying area and aseptic air drying area. The specific working process is as follows:

Bottle cap machine→(cap sorter)→product water spray zone →aseptic air blow drying→falling cap guideway→capping machine.

In addition: according to customer requirements, you can also add disinfectant spray flushing in front of the product water spray area, and generally choose only product water spray flushing in the general waterline.


(1) reasonable arrangement of sprinkler position, equipped with imported efficient spray nozzles, so that the bottle cap can be fully cleaned.

(2) the effective isolation should be carried out in the product water flushing area and the aseptic air drying area to avoid the phenomenon of water string and ensure the effect of air drying.

(3) the bottle cap runs smoothly to ensure the high-speed operation of the filling.

(4)Manual pneumatic valves are installed on the pipes, so the control is simple and convenient.

Dry type sterilization:

The principle of hydrogen peroxide atomization disinfector is that liquid hydrogen peroxide is sprayed on the bottle cap or bottle by atomization treatment to disinfect, which can save materials and reduce cost.

Save the disinfectant dispensing system and use only a simpler system.

Extremely low consumption:

H2O2: 1L/H.

Steam: 15L Hammer 3bar 130 ℃

Medium pressure UV sterilizor:

the principle is that the bottle cap passes through a vertical pipe and the ultraviolet lamp is illuminated on both sides to kill the microorganisms directly irradiated.

Broad-spectrum UV sterilization.

The wavelength of UV covers 180 nm and 400 nm. Bacteria will not be resurrected and will be sterilized more thoroughly.

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