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Classification of Wrap Around Case Packer

Cardboard entry mode: upward, downward and lateral.

Action method: one-piece type, drop type.

Advantages– cardboard– hot melt adhesive– smaller area of paperboard, saving materials and costs

wrap around case packer

Automatic one-piece carton wrapping machine.


1) Simple operation and convenient maintenance.

2) Remote diagnosis and control system.

3) Stable performance, carton forming and strong and reliable sealing.

4) This machine combines machine, electricity, gas and light, and the whole machine is operated by PCC industrial control computer combined with man-machine interface (touch screen).

5) The hot melt adhesive machine adopts the products of Nordson (Nordson) Company of the United States.

6) Japanese SMC products are selected for pneumatic components.

7) The option of the electric detection system is in Turk, Germany.

8) The electrical components come from the famous brands in the world, with high technical content and stable performance.

Disadvantages: Not conducive to long-distance transportation, high price

What are the respective characteristics of the wrap around case packer compared with the way (unpacking, packing, sealing)?

Similar to the arch structure, it can play the role of anti-impact and shock absorption, and has good mechanical properties.

It has many good protective functions for packaged goods.

For example, moistureproof, heat dissipation, easy to carry and so on.

The transportation cost is low, and it is easy to realize the mechanization and automation of packaging and transportation.

The change of specification and size is easy to realize and can quickly adapt to the packaging of all kinds of goods.

It is convenient to seal the box and tie up, and it is easy to automate the operation.

The waste box is easy to be recycled and meets the requirements of environmental protection.

The scope of application can be greatly expanded by combining with various coverings or moistureproof materials.

The appearance of the boxed box is beautiful, and the product grade and appearance image have been further improved.

At present, in domestic production, the vast majority of regular bottled, boxed, block and other products are generally packed in corrugated cartons, and this traditional packaging method has been accepted by the public.

However, except in the high-speed and mass production beer industry, almost all the medium and low-speed packaging fields, the carton packaging process is still the following production process: cardboard die-cutting “nail box” sealing “packing box” sealing box; the use of carton wrapping machine can be completed at one time.

The cost of equipment and equipment is reduced; the occupation space of equipment and raw materials and transportation contradictions at all levels are greatly reduced; the labor force can be reduced by 70.9 people, and the labor management is more simplified; the appearance quality of the packaging is smooth and beautiful; the items in the packing box are seamless and firm after wrapping, and the raw materials of cardboard can be reduced by about 20%.

Advantages: the application of automatic wrapping machine to reduce labor intensity, reduce labor resources, reduce production processes, its comprehensive performance indicators and economic benefits are superior and obvious, and have been accepted and generally recognized by the society. it will be the upgrade and inevitable development trend of traditional packaging.

Cost saving: compared with manual cartons, it can save about 15% of the carton area, save raw materials and reduce the cost of cartons.

Save labor: suction cardboard, feeding, forming and pressing are all completed automatically.

Completely replace manual opening, manual packing, sealing and other tedious processes.

Environmental protection: the use of hot-melt sealing box instead of traditional sealing tape, in line with environmental protection and hygiene, and the appearance of the packaging product is neat and beautiful.

Used for the supporting equipment of beer and liquor production line to complete the final packing process of the production line.

It can also be used for packing all kinds of cartons such as cigarette sticks, soap, instant noodles, canned drinks, ink, jelly and so on.

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