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Drinking Water Market Trend-Small Bottle Water and Large Bottle Water

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The early development of large volume bottle water in the United States stems from consumer mistrust of the public water supply system. In 1975, Americans rarely drank bottled water, consuming an average of only one gallon per person per year. By 2005, per capita consumption had grown to 26 gallons and further to 31 gallons in 2012. Although tap water can be drunk directly, residents’ mistrust of the public water supply system has accelerated the growth of the bottled water industry.

As early as 1999, in the National Consumer Water quality Survey, about 3/4 of American adults were worried about the quality of household water supply, and almost half of them were worried about possible pollutants. The water conservancy infrastructure in the United States has a history of more than 100 years. Water pipes in many cities were installed 70 to 90 years ago. The aging of the pipes has led to an increase in the content of heavy metals in the water. Later, with the enhancement of consumer health awareness, low-sugar and low-calorie became a demand, and bottled water was regarded as a substitute for sugary drinks, promoting the rapid development of large-scale packaged water.

In addition to replacing tap water to solve the crisis of trust of American residents in the public water supply system, organizations such as the International bottled Water Association and the American drinking Water Foundation also encourage consumers to choose sugar-free and healthy bottled water instead of sugary drinks. After 2009, the best growth of the American beverage market is with packaged water, energy drinks, sports drinks and so on.

During the decade from 2007 to 2017, per capita consumption of bottled water increased by 13 gallons to 42 gallons, while per capita consumption of carbonated drinks fell by 11 gallons, consumption of drinks such as milk and fruit juices also declined, and coffee and tea remained stable.

According to the survey data, 8L bottle water accounted for 10.1% of the U.S. market, while sales in Japan and Europe accounted for 0%. The president of the European Federation of bottled Water said that the specification of mineral water in Europe should not exceed 2L. In recent years, large bottle water has been paid more and more attention, and the expected sales volume is very good. The average price of water in large packages is cheaper than that in small packages and is more suitable for household consumption.

In 2017, the per capita consumption of bottle water in the United States is 159 L, accounting for 23%, while the per capita consumption of large bottle water is 37 L. There are two main forms of drinking water packaging in the market, large volume PC bottle (3 ~ 5 gallons) and small volume PET bottle (350ml~1500ml). These two forms of bottles are mainly aimed at two different consumer markets.

Small bottles of water are easy to carry and are available for consumers to drink at any time, while large volume bottle water has a large capacity and supplies homes or offices. With the progress of society and the development of economy, the market demand of small bottles of water is increasing year by year.

Due to logistics restrictions and other factors, bottled water is mainly aimed at the regional market, compared with small bottles of water, the overall market share is relatively stable.

However, barreled water has always been questioned by consumers on the hygiene of empty PC bottle recycling. At the same time, because of its large volume and long cycle in the process of drinking, there is a high risk of secondary pollution from drinking fountains. And the recycling of empty bottles has also greatly increased the logistics cost.

As a result, more and more companies are looking for another form of packaging to try to replace PC bottle.

Therefore, the PET large volume bottle water gradually entered the public view.

Festa has seen this trend long time ago, and began to develop and produce 3L-12L water bottle filling machine and production line several years ago. So far, we have a lot of customer cases and rich technical capabilities.

If you want to start producing this large bottle water in your own country and region, and want to import high quality filling equipment from China, Festa will be your first choice.

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