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FST-5-20L Multifunction PET Bottle Blowing Machine

Production Capacity: 120-250BPH

Degree of Automation: Semi-automatic

Control Mode: PLC control

Suitable Bottle: 5Liter to 5 gallon and 20Liter PET bottle

Benefit of FST-5-20L Multifunction PET Blow Molder

Traditional semi-automatic PET bottle blowing can only blow plastic bottles with same bottle neck finish. Based on the actual needs of customers, we have developed a new machine model that can blow PET bottles with different neck finish from 5Liter to 5 gallons(20Liter) on the same machine. Only the blowing mold needs to be replaced, and there is no need to replace the preform heating mandrel., greatly reducing customers’ investment and technical difficulties.

5 L & 5 Gallon PET bottle blowing machine 4



  1. Use automatic control system to save labor costs
  2. The machine frame is made of high-strength carbon steel for better machine stability.
  3. The uniquely designed preform heating mandrel is compatible with 5L bottle mouths and 5-gallon bottle mouths without replacement, greatly reducing the difficulty of operation.
  4. Equipped with a safety self-locking device, the machine will automatically retreat in case of emergency to avoid harm to the operator.
  5. The bottle blowing adopts 3 air path technology, which makes the bottle blowing more stable.
  6. Using high-pressure and double-arm connecting rod clamping, the clamping force is strong and stable;
  7. The bottle blowing success rate is higher than 99.8%

Data Sheet

Machine Model


Production Capacity


Suitable Container

5L, 6L, 10L, 12L, 15L, 20L, 3 gallon, 5 gallon

Bottle mold

Single cavity

Mold opening stroke


Clamping force


HP air pressure



380v 50Hz

Main Motor Power

35 kw

Blowing Machine Dimensions


Preform Heat Tunnel Dimensions




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