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How to Choose the Length and Type of Bottle Air Conveyor

bottle air conveyor

The Working Principle of Air Conveyor

The air conveyor is mainly used in the automatic filling production line of PET bottled beverage or water, which is connected in the middle of bottle blowing machine, un-palletizing machine, bottle conveying table and filling machine. Using the wind as the driving force, the PET bottle is transmitted in a single row between the devices. The conveying channel of the ordinary air conveyor is not closed, and the air inlet of the fan only uses G4 filter grade synthetic fiber cotton as the filter.

The main body of the air conveyor is made of stainless steel plate, the tuyere is formed by stamping, and the guide strip of ultra-polymer material is installed at the bottom of the tuyere. By adjusting the gap between the guide strips at the neck of the bottle, the PET bottle is naturally suspended on the guide strip. In the case of the fan starting, the wind is discharged from the tuyere and blows directly to the bottle mouth and bottle body, which makes the bottle mouth and bottle body under certain pressure. Under the action of pressure, the bottle is driven to carry out rapid transportation along the designed air conveyor transmission line track.

In each form of transportation, a modular unit design structure is adopted, and each unit module can be configured and connected according to the requirements of the actual production line. The air conveyor transmission line can realize special multi-channel transportation through the connection with special unit structures such as one-in-two and two-in-one.

Type of Air Conveyor

According to the cleanliness grade, it can be divided into ordinary open air conveyor and sanitary closed air conveyor.

The advantages of our air conveyor are that the cross-sectional area of the air conveyor is larger, the wind storage is more, the wind is more uniform, the bottle walks more smoothly, and the air conveyor can be designed longer.

Can not do aseptic air delivery, because the air can not be sterilized, can only remove dust in the air, the use of 100 static purification space, can not completely remove dust.

Aseptic environment: control dust, disinfect and sterilize regularly-spray disinfectant, fumigate the environment in the air with disinfectant.

Air Conveyor Cleaning:

Method: cleaning from the top + cleaning from the bottom.

Can be used disinfectant high-pressure spray flushing, cleaning from above, filter removed, electrical components, sensors with things to cover, disinfector high-pressure water spray flushing, disinfection water spray flushing.

Cleaning at the mouth of the bottle: spray with high-pressure water gun, disinfect with disinfectant, spray with sterile water.

Cleaning cycle: once a quarter or half a year, most manufacturers do not clean.


1Two-in and two-out air conveyor (rarely used)FDSS(K)-13-00
2Linear one in and two out ducts(commonly used)FDSS(K)-12-00
3Linear two-in-one air conveyor
(when low bottle blowing capacity and high filling capacity)

How to Choose the Length of air Conveyor (for bottle unscrambler)

Consider the amount of bottles stored in 2 minutes.

Conventional water bottle diameter 60–65mm.

2min*65mm*12000BPH/60min=26 meters.

Bottle unscrambler: 2min

How to Choose the Length of the Air Conveyor (for the blow molding machine and filling machine)

Take the 12000BPH(500ml) bottle water line as an example, 12000BPH/60min = 200BPM.

Assuming that the capacity efficiency of bottle blow molding machine and filling machine is 99%, the loss rate of bottle blowing and filling machine per hour is 0.3%, and 0.18min (0.3% * 60min) per hour cannot be produced because of the potential failure of bottle blowing or filling machine.

Assuming that the diameter of the bottle is D, the length of the air conveyor that needs to be reserved due to the failure of the bottle blower and the length of the air conveyor that needs to be reserved due to the failure of the bottle blower and the filling machine is A:d*200*0.18 and B:d*200*0.18 respectively.

In addition, there is the total length of the number of preform A in the heating owen C: A*d.

The sum of the lengths of these three parts (A+B+C) is the total length of the air duct, but generally the length of the air duct is longer than the actual length.

Buffer time x number of bottles / minute x bottle diameter

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