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Liquid Nitrogen Dosing Systems

  • Production Capacity: 6000-18000BPH
  • Project name: Nitrogen filling machine for bottling and canning line
  • Function: Fill the product with liquid nitrogen to keep fresh and prevent oxidation

Benefit of FESTA Liquid Nitrogen Filling Machine

For lightweight PET bottled water manufacturers, liquid nitrogen must be added immediately after filling to increase the air pressure in the bottle, improve the strength of the bottle, and facilitate transportation, storage and sales. For beverages bottlers and can juice producers, LN2 is added to remove air from the container, prevent oxidation and extend shelf life.

Liquid Nitrogen Dosing Machine


Liquid Nitrogen Dosing Systems


  1. By adding nitrogen to aluminum cans and pure water, it increases the internal pressure, deoxygenates, reduces the grammage of bottles, and uses lighter bottles.
  2. vacuum (less than 1×10-5mba) adiabatic insulation – ultra-low daily evaporation, reduce operating costs.
  3. The nozzle adopts dry nitrogen positive pressure protection to prevent frost and ice blockage inside the nozzle caused by the entry of peripheral air, so as to realize the real never freezing, and at the same time to maintain the stable flow and direction of liquid nitrogen, which will not be changed by the positive pressure in the purification workshop or the wind generated by the high-speed operation of the filling and sealing.
  4. Liquid nitrogen level is controlled by liquid level probe and vacuum pneumatic low-temperature proportional adjustment valve to maintain stable liquid level and improve the accuracy of refilling. Using this probe level control, the supply pressure of liquid nitrogen can reach up to 7 bar, the supply pressure of liquid nitrogen should not exceed 1.5 bar when the float is controlled, when it exceeds the harm float, which will lead to the scrapping of the whole machine in serious cases.
  5. By reading the speed of the filling and sealing machine, the filling volume (% of valve opening) is automatically compensated and adjusted automatically according to the preset program.
  6. Adopt single real soft filling, reduce the bounce, spill, evaporation and boiling of liquid nitrogen due to individual filling. Reduce the loss of liquid nitrogen, reduce the production of high-pressure and low-pressure products, and save costs.
  7. With the function of gas-liquid separator to keep the outlet as pure liquid nitrogen. No need to add a separate gas-liquid separator. 8.
  8. With the function of automatically tracking the speed and position of filling and capping machine.
  9. With the function of communication with the filling and sealing machine. 10.
  10. In the case of speed change, the filling flow rate will be adjusted automatically. The adjustment of the flow rate, i.e. the percentage of the valve opening degree, will be automatically switched according to the preset menu to ensure that the actual filling volume will be automatically changed according to the parameters set during the trial production when the speed changes, so as to achieve a different filling volume and ensure that the pressure of the product will be uniform at different speeds, between ±0.1 bar.

Recommended supply

  1. Liquid phase: large storage tank: bottom outlet, using low-temperature vacuum tube transport, outlet pressure at 8kgf/cm³
  2. Gas phase: dry nitrogen gas is used, nitrogen is generated by the gasifier, the capacity of the vaporizer is 50Nm³, the temperature is 23℃±15℃
  3. Consumption: about 1.0-25L liquid nitrogen per hour

The liquid nitrogen tank itself has gasification pressure and can be directly connected for use without liquid nitrogen pump.

Working conditions:

  1. Liquid nitrogen supply: adjust to 0.4-0.8mpa and connect with liquid nitrogen port.
  2. compressed air or nitrogen: used to supply the work of the filling valve. Pipeline with pressure range 0.4-0.6mpa.
  3. Liquid nitrogen interface CGA295

Data Sheet

Machine Model

FYD-300 LN2 Dosing Machine

Production Capacity:



110VAC-60Hz/220VAC-50Hz +/-10%






Relative humidity 0-100%


Continuous noise < =78dB (A)




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