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Purchasing a Liquid Filling Machine? 6 Questions To Ask Before Buying

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Whether you are building a new factory or automating an existing one, considering buying a separate machine or investing in a complete production line, buying new equipment can be a hard task. One thing to keep in mind is that the liquid filling machine is the only machine that comes into direct contact with your liquid products. Therefore, in addition to operational efficiency, it also needs to handle your products carefully without harming product quality and hygiene.

There are many aspects and standards to consider when choosing the best liquid filling machine for your business.

Let’s discuss the six most basic questions:

1、Details of your product.

First, define the viscosity of your product. Is it like water or sticky. This will help you decide which type of filler is right for you. Piston filling machine is suitable for viscous products, while gravity filling machine is more suitable for thin fluid products. Or, your product may require a specific environment. Some diary products with long shelf life require aseptic filling in an aseptic environment;

There are strict regulations and standards for this kind of products. It is essential to list these details before you decide on your liquid filling machine.

2、Your Bottle.

When considering your liquid filling machine, it is important to specify the type of bottle you intend to fill. What is the size, shape and material? Glass or plastic? What kind of cap do you need?

Crimp cap, fill cap, press-on cap, twist on, spray-there are endless choices to choose from.

3 Your desired production capacity

Your production capacity is another important factor to determine what kind of filling machine. Each type of liquid filling machine can be made as a linear type, or rotary type. Linear type machine is suitable for low speed production(Usually less than 2000BPH).  Fully automatic rotary machines need less operator thus increasing your filling rate dramatically(the capacity usually more than 2000BPH)

4、labeling solution?

Sleeve label or OPP hot glue label? Defining all such requirements in advance will make it easier for you to discuss your project plan with your suppliers. Ideally, your liquid filling line should provide flexibility; it should be able to handle the size and shape of a range of bottles with the shortest changeover time.


One thing to consider is whether the new liquid filling machine you recommend can be integrated with your existing equipment, or even with equipment you may purchase in the future.

This is critical to the overall efficiency of your packaging line and to avoid getting stuck by outdated machines in the future.

Semi-automatic or manual filling machines may not be easy to integrate, but most automatic liquid filling machines are designed to be seamlessly aligned.


Filling accuracy is a key advantage of automatic packaging system. Underfilled bottles can lead to customer complaints, while overfilling is a waste you can’t afford. Automation ensures accurate filling. The fully automatic filling machine is equipped with PLC, to control the filling parameters to ensure the product flow and consistent and accurate filling. The overflow of the product is eliminated, which not only saves the cost of the product, but also reduces the time and cost of cleaning the machine.

Having said that, if you are considering purchasing liquid filling machines or filling lines for your business, please contact Festam Machine.

Over the decades in the liquid packaging industry, Festa Machine has built the technology and ability to work with customers, understand needs and challenges, and customize the most relevant, robust and innovative bottling line solutions for you.

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