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TGLG Cap Elevator & Feeder

Production Capacity: 2000-36000 per hour

Main Material: Stainless steel

Drive method: Motor drive

Suitable Cap: Normal HDPE bottle cap

Benefit of FESTA TGLG Cap Elevator

By using the principle of the center of gravity of the lid, the TGLG cap elevator effectively removes the reverse cap, and the front cap is smoothly lifted to the predetermined height into the lower cap groove, which is transported to the cap rigger. The cap fell off and went back to the cap bucket. Cycle back and forth until all the caps are ready and enter the lower cover slot. The equipment adopts net chain transportation, which has the advantages of low noise, stable and reliable transmission. In the automatic mode, the lifting motor starts and stops according to the program control requirements, realizes the lid lifting process, and completes the cover supply requirements of the production line.

cap elevator 3


cap elevator & cap sorter

Main Feature

(1)Elevator equipment

This part provides power for the whole cap elevator&sorter. The motor drives the driving shaft, which is then transmitted to the net chain through the sprocket to move in a straight line, thus lifting the cover.。

(2)Cap chute components

This part is used to store the cap, pour the messy cap into the cap chute and wait for the cap beam to be lifted. The cap chute is equipped with a built-in storage cap chute to control the start and stop of the vibrator to supply the cap to the net chain.

(3)Cap blow baffle device

The function of this part is to guide and regulate the cap to be blown into the lower cap chute.  Equipped with plexiglass panel, it is easy to adjust the angle of the tuyere.

(4)Cap recovery unit

This part effectively solves the problem that individual caps may not be blown to the lower Cap chute.

The side plate of the equipment adopts SUS304 stainless steel plate, the exterior is polished, and the whole is beautiful and generous.

(5)Suitable Cap

Suitable for 2000~36000BPH production line of ordinary cap, not suitable for sports cap, butterfly cap and other shaped cap.

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Compressed air

0.6Mpa   1m3/min




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