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Types of Bottle Blowing Molding Machines in Beverage Packaging Machinery Industry

1)Bottle Blow Molding Procedure:One-step and two-step bottle blowing molding machine

(1)One step method:Japan Nissei、Italy SIPA;

Advantages: From the PET resin to the bottle preform, the bottle preform does not need cooling, heating and can save energy.

Disadvantages: speed is not fast, high-speed bottle blowing is not good, Max: Nissei–10000BPH, SIPA–24000BPH.

AA value-the material particles in the acrylic acid acrylic, (PET bottle need to be released over a period of time)

(2) Two-step method: linear type blow molding machine, rotary type blowing machine

Linear type blow molding machine representative: Festa, Chumpower, etc

Rotary type blow molding machine representative:Festa,Tech-long,Sidel,Krones

Production capacity:Linear type—1500-2000BPH per cavity;rotary type—2000-2400BPH  Krones and Sidel

Blow valve group

Each mold cavity of the rotary blowing machine is a separate blowing valve group.

There is only one blowing valve group in the straight line machine.

 Single cavity production capacity of rotary blow machine: small mold base 750ml 2000-2400BPH, medium mold base 1500ml Mel 1700BPH, large mold base 2L—1500BPH.

The larger the mold base is, the lower the bottle blowing speed and efficiency is.

Function of first blowing and second blowing:

First blowingSeparate the bottle blank from the drawing rod, stretch longitudinally and horizontally at the same time, the bottom of the drawing rod touches the bottom mold, and the bottle is in the shape of a pear. Without first blowing, the bottle preform is glued to the drawing rod and cannot blow high-pressure air. On the operation screen, the blowing time and the stretching time of the drawing rod can be adjusted.

Second blowingThe bottle takes shape. The mold is connected with cooling water, and the bottle preform is formed from the softened state to the glassy state. The shape of the bottle billet is as follows: glassy state 0Murray 76 ℃, viscous flow state 76Murray 120 ℃, bottle blowing state 100-115 ℃, crystalline state more than 120 ℃.

How much temperature is the bottle deformed?

The glass transition point of PET is about 75 degrees Celsius, according to the material of PET granular material.

PET molecular particles have memory. When heated by memorability, they contract to the shape of the bottle blank.

The medium temperature filling temperature: 65 PET 72 degrees Celsius, making full use of the heat resistance of ordinary PET bottles, heat resistance, makes full use of the characteristics of PET transformation to glass state.

The theoretical filling temperature should be 95 ℃, and the ordinary PET bottle blank should be used for medium temperature filling.

Empty bottle removal device: Remove blown and unblown. Bottles that have been blown out of shape and under pressure will not be removed.

Factors affecting air consumption of bottle blowing molding dmachine: related to bottle shape.

For air compressors, some use 28 kg of high-pressure gas, while others use more than 35 kg high-pressure gas of 38 kg to blow into shape, because it is related to the design of the bottle.

Bottles with a lot of edges and corners will consume a lot of high-pressure gas.

The lower the compressed air used in the air compressor, the lower the power consumption and the more energy saving.

Our bottle blowing machine is equipped with 40kg high pressure air, which is decided according to the customer’s bottle.

Our bottle blowing molding machine equipment model and corresponding production capacity

500ml Bottle15000BPH18000BPH24000BPH30000BPH36000BPH42000BPH48000BPH
Volume range(ml)250-2000250-2000250-2000250-2000250-2000250-2000250-2000
Bottle diameter(mm)105105105105105105105
Support ring diameter(mm)36363636363636
Bottle height(mm)335335335335335335335

The principle of blowing bottles

The main results are as follows: 1) through the blank supply system (bottle billet flip bucket machine), the bottle blank is poured into the blank machine, and the bottle blank enters the bottle blowing system along the guide rail.

Some of these customers will be equipped with UV sterilization unit to sterilize the bottle preform.

2) the ion dedusting unit is used to remove dust from the bottle blank, and then the bottle blank is connected to the heating head through the stainless steel plucking wheel and enters the heating furnace.

The heating furnace heats the bottle blank body and the bottom, and the bottle billet rotates while moving forward in the heating machine, so that the bottle blank wall is heated evenly, and the bottle mouth is cooled by cooling water at the same time.

3) before entering the bottle blowing, there will be a testing device at the bottom of the heating furnace to detect whether the bottle preform temperature is qualified or not, and the unqualified bottle preform will be eliminated by the bottle preform removal device.

4) the rotating mold cavity is opened to wait for the heated bottle preform to enter, and after entering the mold, the mold cavity is closed under the action of the cam.

Pull the rising rod down, stretch the bottle blank, then pre-blow with low pressure air (0.8Mpa-1.2Mpa), then carry out two blowing with high pressure gas (3.0Mpa-4.0Mpa), complete the blowing molding of the bottle, then exhaust and open the mold, and the blown bottle is carried out from the bottle clamp to the plucking wheel.

For blowing unqualified bottle preform, there is a removal device on the bottle-out manipulator, and the cylinder is used to push out the unqualified bottle.

Working principle and advantages of High pressure Gas recovery Unit

The recovery rate of high pressure gas is 30% for large bottles and 15% for small bottles. (1L is the dividing line).

Advantages: through the solenoid valve to the second blowing of high-pressure gas exhaust time to recover to the storage bucket for pre-blowing. The advantage is that it can save high-pressure gas consumption and reduce costs, but it is no longer necessary to buy a low-pressure machine, but this is not a good way to do so. The high pressure needs to be reduced to 7murmur8kg, which consumes a lot of electricity. When the spare low-pressure machine is not in production, it is necessary to use the low-pressure machine to make the machine run and overhauled when doing equipment maintenance. It is not economical to use a high-pressure machine.

What factors are related to the pressure of air compressor: production capacity, compressed air pressure, bottle type

The configuration brand of the main parts of the bottle blowing machine   

  • The machine is made of aluminum alloy, carbon steel, stainless steel and alloy steel.
  • The bearings are equipped with domestic high-quality bearings, imported bearings (manufacturers: Japan, Germany), self-lubricating grease non-oil bearings, using igus (igus) self-lubricating bearings.
  • The high-pressure valve is made from famous companies such as Nuoguan NORGREN, Switzerland Eugen Sech, Japan SMC and so on.
  • Nuoguan NORGREN is selected for high pressure exhaust muffler.
  • The products of German FESTO, Japanese SMC, British NORGREN and other companies are selected.
  • The touchscreen operating system uses German Siemens, German Schneider and other products.
  • Touch screen: Siemens, Mitsubishi.
  • The electrical control system PLC adopts Japanese MITSUBISHI, German SIEMENS–, Schneider and other company products.
  • The photoelectric sensor adopts the products of TURCK of Germany, OMRON of Japan and BANNER of the United States.
  • The contactors are made by German companies such as SIEMENS and Schneider Schneider.
  • German SIEMENS and Schneider Schneider are adopted in the terminal.

Structure and advantages of reheating furnace

Protection of the mouth of the bottle.

1) 3D design joins the four-axis machining center CNC to ensure the accuracy and smoothness of the complex cam.

2) the bottle billet mouth is downward, which is beneficial to the full utilization of convective heat energy and the cooling protection of the bottle billet mouth.

Heating method of bottle preform:

Overturn type– Sidel.

Horizontal type-Krones, Festa.

Different heating methods lead to different energy consumption:

(1) horizontal type: when the preform is heated, because the mouth of the preform is on the top, the hot air rises, which requires a large number of fans to form a high-pressure wind, which will blow the hot air away the blow away, while the lower part needs to form a negative pressure negative pressure, to remove the hot air from the take out, to reduce the heating of the equipment.

In this way, the wind will increase and consume more electricity.

(2) flip type: the bottle billet mouth is under, the hot air is rising, cooling water is used in the channel (guide bar) to cool the bottle billet mouth, and the fan blower is used to cool the bottle billet seat, so there is no need for too many fans and less energy consumption.


Types of reflector: ceramic, aluminum alloy, coating, coating.

Lamp: domestic, Toshiba Toshiba.

Reflector: mirror polished stainless steel plate, ceramic

Structure and characteristic advantages of bottle blowing machine

Technological process: billet supply, billet management, star wheel billet feeding, heating machine heating, manipulator billet feeding, bottle blowing, manipulator billet extraction, empty bottle output.


  • The operation of the whole machine adopts high-definition TFT touch screen operation, a variety of interface languages can be freely switched, and multi-level menus express various operation instructions in a friendly form of graphics combined with text.
  • Production speed, shift output count, process parameter setting and adjustment interface can be displayed on different menu levels on the screen, the operation adjustment is very simple, and the man-machine interface is friendly.
  • Extremely high productivity, single modulus: small mold base 500ml-2000-2400BPH, medium mold base 1500ml Mel 1700BPH, large mold base 2L—1500BPH.
  • The specially designed secondary air blowing system can real-time monitor the pressure change curve in the forming process of each mold cavity bottle, and provide timely and accurate real-time parameters for process adjustment, which is greatly convenient for operators to adjust process parameters, and the bottle forming quality is stable.
  • The manipulator transmission technology which is accurately controlled by cam mechanism is used to send billets and bottles at high speed, and the quality is reliable. Take the preform and bottle to cooperate with the action of opening and closing die to ensure that each movement process is accurate and efficient.
  • The billet, upper billet, bottle and bottle arrangement are all completed automatically by the manipulator to avoid intermediate pollution.
  • The cam mechanism accurately controls the opening and closing of the mold base, and the special mold locking pressurization system is simple and simple.
  • Solid mold base structure; can independently control the bottle blowing parameters of each mold cavity, good fault diagnosis function, the special structure of the bottle blowing ensures the reliability of sealing under various pressures, and the blowing pressure can be adjusted; the drawing rod accurately controls the axial tension of the bottle blank, and the longitudinal tension of the bottle blank is controlled by the primary and secondary blowing, and the ideal distribution of the bottle wall thickness can be obtained through the precise adjustment of the primary and secondary blowing.
  • To break the conventional design, a coaxial rotating casing structure with small volume and light weight is adopted, and two deep groove ball bearings are used to fix both ends, so that the jacket and mandrel are concentric to ensure that the rotary sealing ring is not easy to be damaged. at the same time, a return channel is added to return the leaking water in the Glee ring along the pipeline to ensure that the water distributor does not leak.
  • The heater adopts 9-stage far infrared temperature control, and each group of heating lamp tubes in the preheating zone and adjusting zone can be controlled and adjusted respectively according to the process requirements, and there is a real-time temperature monitoring system to ensure the stability and accuracy of the process. At the same time, excessive temperature is avoided on the outer wall of the bottle preform.
  • The heating system of our equipment saves 10% Mel 20% more energy than other similar systems, and the energy saving effect is remarkable.
  • The exhaust recovery system (according to customer needs) is added in the air path part, which can save gas by 30-50%, thus saving energy consumption and reducing cost.
  • The process parameters such as heating temperature and blowing time can be set according to different bottle blank and bottle shape, and the production can be smooth as long as the pre-set parameters are invoked when changing the bottle shape.
  • The lubrication system imported from Germany is used to automatically refuel the machine so that the machine is fully maintained and the labor of the workers is reduced at the same time.
  • The mold assembly is simple, and the mold can be replaced in the shortest time (2.5 hours), so as to reduce the production downtime and improve the production efficiency.
  • The humanized design makes the complex industrial control operation close to people’s habits; the high resolution HMI man-machine interface (human machine interface) and multi-language selection are suitable for users in different regions.
  • There are real-time monitoring function and various fault alarm tips and help; flexible and convenient parameter setting to meet the needs of different processes and other characteristics.
  • High-quality hardware, first-class network, familiar with technology, innovative design, perfect control, so that product quality is guaranteed.
  • According to the needs of customers, the whole system can be maintained through Ethernet.
  • The bottle blowing die is made of special aluminum alloy, the surface is treated by special oxidation, and the service life of the die is long, thus reducing the production cost.
  • There is a jam embryo detection device at the star wheel (blank dial), which will be automatically removed when the card blank appears, and the device will reset automatically after the abnormal bottle blank is discharged.
  • In order to ensure safety, the machine is equipped with a sound and reliable safety door system and an alarm device is installed to maximize the safety of operators.

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