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What is Automatic Case Palletizing Machine

What are the types and characteristics of the palletizer machines

Mechanical palletizer machine and robotic palletizer machine

Mechanical palletizer is divided into low-position palletizing machine, high-position palletizing machine and single arm palletizing machine.

Features-large area, convenient maintenance, suitable for high-speed bottled beverage production line.

Robotic palletizer-less faults, small footprint, relatively expensive, can serve two production lines at the same time

Gantry palletizer also have a type of single arm palletizing equipment.

The robot palletizer machine can grabs the box, half the layer and the whole layer.

Grab the whole layer is used more now, and the efficiency is further improved.

The grab head is divided into fork type and shutter type, the fork type is simple, the shutter type is more expensive and stable, but the structure is complex, the weight of the grab head is heavy, which affects the matching type.

The disadvantage of robotic palletizer: the price is high and the head scratching is more expensive.

Classification of gantry palletizers:

According to the passage into the box:

Single way


Double way


According to the height of the incoming plane:

Low position palletizing system


High-position palletizing


By forming, palletizing quantity.

Single station palletizing machine


Double station palletizing machine


Advantages of gantry palletizer:

The main contents are as follows: 1. Adopt high-quality rectangular steel pipe gantry structure with good structural stability and low ground endurance requirements.

2. The bilateral balanced lifting of the gantry vertical frame greatly reduces the side bending moment of the mobile platform and effectively prolongs the life of the lifting guideway.

3. The counterweight block is used to balance the power of the lifting platform, which greatly reduces the lifting power and the useless power consumption of starting and stopping.

4. The main drive reducer adopts the products of SEW Company, and the power output is stable.

5. Fully closed safety purse seine plus advanced electronic control to ensure safety first.

6. the application of non-lubricating cylinder and non-lubricating guide rail can avoid the trouble of oil pollution.

7. Modular assembly design with stronger adaptability.

Configuration brand of main parts of palletizer

Patterned plain belt.2M0V3-V3HGShanghai
Main lifting reducer.FA87SEW
Ferry reducer.SA57DT90S4SEW
Forming push box reducer.SA57DT90L4SEW
Synchronous belt.4728-8M50HRZ
Platform push box reducer.S47DT80N4SEW
Steering reducer.R37SEW
Box reducer.R47SEW
Solenoid valve.CPE18FESTO
Air cylinderDNC40~63FESTO
Linear bearing. KRF
Drag chain2.5340.075.150.0+3075IGUS

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