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What is automatic sleeve labeling machine


Sleeve Labeling Machine Working principle: the machine uses rolls of label, the label is transmitted to the top of the bottle through the conveyor, and the label is expanded and formed by the sleeve.

After the sensor determines the correct position of the label paper, the cutter automatically cuts off the label, and the label falls on the bottle.

Then use a rolling brush to brush the label to the correct position, enter the label shrink tunnel and shrink.

Main features:

1) Can be used for a variety of bottle types, using modular rapid mold change design, mold change tool-free.

2) Using static cutting, no carbon brush, high-speed cutting, absolutely safe.

3) It can be applied to round and square bottles, and only a set of simple replacements are needed.

4) Can cover many parts of the bottle body, such as: bottle mouth, half bottle body, whole bottle body and so on.

5) The cutting wheel seat is adjusted by handwheel slide rail.

6) Exterior cover type, plus a set of safety doors.

The production capacity of the production line is generally 1.1-1.2 times that of the production line when selecting and configuring the labeling machine.

Replace the part when changing the bottle type: the center guide post-unsupported, rotates through several wheels, and the label operates by its rotation.

Unique synchronous cutter seat, in the specification range, do not need to change the cutter seat.

If you need to change the specification, it can be completed quickly in 5 minutes.

Label shrink tunnel:

Three types:

Hot water spray method: it is generally not used now, it has good shrinking effect and high energy consumption.

Electric heating method: hot fan, resistance wire or lamp tube heating, high energy consumption, uneven contraction of the label because of uneven heat distribution, the effect is not good. Steam method: widely used at present, it must be a steam source, boiler or steam generator.

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