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What is the technological process of Reverse Osmosis pure water filtration equipment?

Reverse osmosis is divided into single-stage reverse osmosis and two-stage reverse osmosis, which can also be called primary reverse osmosis equipment and secondary reverse osmosis equipment.
The difference between the primary reverse osmosis and the secondary reverse osmosis equipment is that the secondary reverse osmosis is to purify the pure water from the primary reverse osmosis into the reverse osmosis membrane again, and the water is more pure.

The technological process of reverse osmosis pure water treatment equipment:

Tap water→Raw water tank (function: used to store tap water and provide stable tap water and pressure for the subsequent pretreatment system) →Original Pump→Mechanical filter (function: effectively intercept large particle impurities, suspended solids, sediment, reduce SDI (pollution index) value of water)→Activated carbon filter (function: used to absorb harmful substances such as odor, residual chlorine, particulate impurities and organic matter in water.
Effectively reduce the chromaticity of water, improve the taste of water)→Precision filter(function: used to intercept some large particles left after the first two filters)→Primary high pressure pump (function: provide sufficient pressure for the filter)→Primary reverse osmosis device→Primary RO pure water tank→Secondary high pressure pump→Secondary reverse osmosis device (function: main core components of reverse osmosis pure water equipment.
Used to remove all kinds of ions from water)→Two-stage RO pure water tank

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