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36000BPH Blowing Filling Capping Combi BFC16-60-20

Production Capacity: 36000BPH based on 500ml

Control mode: Fully-auto PLC control

Number of mold cavity: 16

Suitable: mineral water combi, carbonated drink combi, juice Combi

Benefit of FESTA BFC16-60-20 Blowing Filling Capping Combiblock Manufacturer

On the basis of the traditional bottle blowing + air conveying + three-in-one filling machine monoblock, FESTA invested a lot of money to develop a high-efficiency combi system, which uses a fully automatic servo system to achieve synchronous control, removing the empty bottle air conveyor and bottle rinsing part of the traditional production line, and combining the rotary stretch bottle blowing machine and the high-speed filling and capping machine into one machine, we call it blowing filling capping combiblock. FESTA combiblock machine can save the area of production line, water consumption, power consumption, labor and so on. Due to the use of star wheel to transfer the bottle, the scratches on the bottle body caused by the air conveyor can be completely avoided. This machine can be used for drinking water, pure water, carbonated soft drink, milk and edible oil.

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