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4 Gallon Spring Water Filling Machine

Production Capacity: 250-350 BPH

Main Material: Stainless Steel

Control Mode: PLC control

Suitable Bottle Size: 4 gallon non-returnable bottle

Advantage of FESTA 4 Gallon Spring Water Filler

Fully automatic spring water filling machine specially designed for 4 gallon non-returnable bottles. Adopting a compact design, the high-pressure water pump rinses the bottles more thoroughly, and the high-speed and large flow water filling valve ensures the machine’s operating speed and accuracy. Equipped with automatic cap feeder to reduce manual consumption. The rationally designed circulation rinsing system saves energy consumption and is the best choice for your mineral water factory.

4 gallon water filling machine 6



The frame of the whole machine is welded with high-strength stainless steel square tubes, and the filling machine surface is hemmed with 2mm stainless steel plates to make it more beautiful. The sealed window is openable to facilitate subsequent maintenance. The electrical components are from Schneider, Omron, AirTac and other brands, ensuring the operational stability of the machine. 220v/380v voltage and 50hz/60hz frequency can be customized to meet the needs of customers around the world.

The fully automatic 4 gallon filling machine integrates bottle washing, filling and capping functions into one machine. It uses stable technology and quality parts to effectively reduce production costs and improve production efficiency. Provide strong technical support for 4-gallon mineral water companies to expand the market.

The whole machine is delivered as a whole. After receiving the machine, the customer only needs to connect the water source, electricity and low-pressure compressed air to start it up. We can also provide complete after-sales service support and spare parts supply.

Data Sheet

Machine Model


Suitable Container

4 gallon non-returnable bottle

Washing Nozzle


Filling Nozzle


Capping Type

Pressing Capping

Main Power


Air Consumption



Washing Water Consumption

Washing water:980kg/hour

Disinfectant liquid is recycle use

Filling Water Consumption

5000 kg/hour





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